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July 17 2007

Joss to direct another episode of 'The Office'. iF Magazine has the scoop.

Cool. But see, now I'm scared that this is the only directing work Joss is going to get in the forseeable future... :-(
Neato. Yay, Joss! I'll bet the cast is/will be over the moon about it.

I wonder if this episode will have a random wolf or something in it.

I love this show like nobody's business, so the combo is nifty as zippers or something niftier.
Presumably this spoils one of Joss' announcements for Comic-Con? Heh.
Last season, there was one point I expected Pam to burst into this:

So I will walk through the fire
'Cause where else can I turn
My skin should crack and peel
I want the fire back

(Coal. Yeah.)
Good to hear of Joss still keeping his head in the TV game, 'cos you never know...
Great news to wake up to!

It won't be about wolves. As it turns out, Jan is a giant praying mantis...
Well, they can always ask Jenna's husband to fill a director seat, if he has the availability.

But hey, Joss on The Office again? Weeee....
Gossi, that would have been awesome. Now I can't get it out of my head.
No, no, we got vampires last time.

This time it must be about Space Cowboys!
I don't watch The Office, but good for Joss. At least he's keeping the tv peeps warm for his inevitable RETURN!!

A girl can hope.
This is wonderful news. I loved the humor in the vampire bat episode, but I hope he gets another juicy script to direct that has painful, personal, touching experiences/observations, i.e. Michael giving his talk to the business school, and the scene toward the end with Pam where he praises her art work. I think those particular scenes owe as much to Joss as to the fine actors who make them come alive.

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Joss and The Office are a great combination. Good news.
I'm channeling Cartman:

Nebula1400: "It won't be about wolves. As it turns out, Jan is a giant praying mantis...

That explains so much, if you mix in a movie or so and don't think about it too hard. It doesn't explain why Michael is still alive, though...

And do you think Angela's a vengeance demon? That would so work for me.
And Roy is demon named "Skip."

Ryan is an evil genius who builds life-like robots to take the jobs of the human employees. As a boss, it's his imperative to automate as much of the work as possible and thus cut labor costs.

Kelly gets all pissed off at him and flays him alive.

See, it all works...
I think this may be the best news I've heard all day. Sweet!
(Since the PTB have deleted the recent duplicate link about Joss directing an upcoming The Office episode, I thought I'd post the link and my intended comment here, since it does have a new and nifty Joss-quote.)

AUSIELLO REPORT/Exclusive: Joss Whedon Planning Office Massacre.

Maybe the "exclusive" part is the "massacre reveal":

" 'I don't know how much I'm allowed to say about it, but I can say thatů Jim kills Pam, which I thought was weird,' Whedon says, tongue firmly planted cheek (I think). 'I probably shouldn't have revealed that.' "

(And as a complete non sequitorial aside, is Enbrel advertising on every site in the known universe? I swear, I'm being hypnotized into contracting psoriasis just so I hafta buy some...)
Well now you've done it. Mentioning it by name.
*scratch scratch*

What was the date of this, QG?
It was from today, Lioness, and was also a front-page whedonesque post earlier today, but was, as I mentioned, deleted, probably because its headline announced Joss' directing gig, which we already had posted from July as this post & thread.

It's up again ( but dunno if it will stay... maybe the new headline will make it new-sy enough. I loved the quotes...

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