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May 17 2003

Rumours confirmed: there are plans for a Firefly movie. Gail Berman, Fox Entertainment President, says Joss plans to refashion and revive Firefly as a movie.

The L.A. Times also has a small section on this:

"Berman said that the futuristic "Firefly" combined too many genres for it to connect with audiences, but that creator Joss Whedon was developing a feature based on the series."

Joss and Nathan Fillion have hinted at Firefly the movie in very vague terms already but for someone highup at Fox to confirm this is great. Wonder what she meant by "refashion"?

Refashion... hmm, perhaps they're going to demand James Marsters is in the cast.

/me goes off to flagellate self
If I were to guess, I'd say that "refashion" means reimagining the plot/characters/world so that they'll work in a movie format. The narrative demands of television are very different from the narrative demands of film.
That would really mess up Andromeda fans.
"That would really mess up Andromeda fans."

James Marsters guested in Andromeda a couple of times as Champagne Bolivar. It was a very lame attempt at a joke. least there'll be some Firefly. I can't help but be sad though; any long-ranging plots, character development will be sacrificed for the two hour movie format. I guess that's why I like tv more than movies: more character development over a longer period of time. But, but, I am *so* not complaining: any Firefly is better than no Firefly. But Marsters? ::shivers:: No, no, world of no.
How about a Firefly radio drama?
What, no tight pants?
zeppo - TOTALLY. I would *so* be behind that! man, that is such a cool idea...
Thats an excellent idea. It kept Doctor Who going for the fans.
About a radio drama -- I could SEE it (well, not really, but you know what I mean), but it doesn't excite me too much, primarily because so much of how "Firefly" worked and communicated was visual. It might work, but there's also a really good chance that it could fall flat on its face, which I would hate to see.

Naw, I'm gonna keep my hopes pinned on a movie. Although "Serenity" kinda stands on its own as a film already, and in fact ranks as one of the best SF movies I've ever seen.
I wish my name was "Champagne Bolivar." That would almost be worth going from Buffy/Angel to Andromeda.

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