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July 17 2007

NBC sends "Chuck" to Monday nights (at 8PM Eastern) this Fall. Adam Baldwin's new series, from the creator of The O.C., has been moved to a new night.

NBC has also announced the premiere dates of their fall schedule, along with more schedule revisions.

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Keep all your fingers and toes crossed for this one. Adam Baldwin's track record with TV series is a thing of legends..
I've got all of my appendages crossed, Nebula.

I think it's cool and really nice to see one of the big three networks devote an entire night to science fiction.

Of all of the big three, I'm a fan of NBC, as they seem to stick with series (knock on wood) and give them time to find an audience when others (FOX, I'm looking at you) cancel them fifteen minutes into the first episode.

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Against How I Met Your Mother? Hm...
"Against How I Met Your Mother? Hm..."

How unfortunate. Sorry but Allie beats out Adam. Thank God for tivo or tivo-like equivalents.
Sorry but Allie beats out Adam.

Do you mean, that Alyson can kill Adam with her brain? Ooops, wrong show. Wrong year.

Looking forward the Sci-fi heavy night from NBC. Wonder how will use this system for the SciFi Channel re-runs.
Do you mean, that Alyson can kill Adam with her brain?

Shhhhhh..... That's the basis for Joss's next TV show.
"How I Killed Your Father (with my brain)".

I see lunch-boxes.
"With the government's most precious secrets in Chuck's head, Major John Casey (Adam Baldwin, "My Bodyguard") of the NSA assumes the responsibility of protecting him."
I hope this means that Adam Baldwin will be more in the fore-front of the show, and the comedy (but why is the only credit to his name the first film he ever made? sigh).

I'll manage to watch and/or tape both Adam and Alyson (somehow).
Jeez, I don't even remember him in My Bodyguard. But that was my pre-Firefly, pre-Serenity days, and it's not a film I care to watch when it comes on TV. Once was enough.

Anyway, I, too, like the line-up. Sorry, Allie, but your show never did too much for me. I'll give Adam's show a try.
Palehorse: Adam was the title character (not the 'My' he was the bodyguard) and I thought it was a wonderful, subtle performance by such a young kid.
um, palehorse are you thinking of that other bodyguard movie with kevin costner and whitney houston? Thats not the one adam was in.
Journeyman looks good. It looks like I'll be watching NBC on Monday again. I have tivo now so there is no problem with HIMYM, thank god!

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