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July 17 2007

Jayne and Inara in Egypt. Adam Baldwin and Morena Baccarin star in Sci-Fi Original Movie, Sands of Oblivion which premieres 28th July.

Didn't recognise her there, we'll no doubt do a special discussion thread for it on the night.
Cool, The Mummy on the cheap! The effects will no doubt be predictably cheesy and the writing eye-roll-inducing, but with 2 BDHs I might actually tape it. :)
Ohh and it has the guy from the simpsons...and oddly enough both Morena and Dan were on Stargate sg1 ...
Well, Sci-Fi Original Movie. That can only mean movie gold....
Anyone else wondering if they are going to reuse the gryphon effects to get there money out of it.
As cheap-looking as those effects were, they made their money back from them off the first copy of the DVD...
Only one's on during Comic-Con weekend. Well, I can always TiVo it, then look at it later.
... and oddly enough both Morena and Dan were on Stargate sg1

And Adam too (in the decent two-parter 'Heroes'), it's a three-fer ;).

Might be worth a look for oddity value (it's frikkin' Homer, yo ;) but i've no doubt the script will be well 'up' to the usual sci-fi original fare.
instead of making those movies, why dont they make something decent... I love the Dune mini series and the children of Dune miniseries.. it would be nice if they go further into the subsequent sequels.
Aaaah, Morena.

Eeek, Adam - Mal, open the pod bay doors! *g*
SciFi...Dune the sand...when they used...fat fremen. Done.

But this "Sands of Oblivion," unlike Dune, I'm not in love with so I suspect I'll enjoy it.
Very good, Rowan! :-D

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