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July 17 2007

Buffy Sing-Along Segment on NPR. An audio interview with Clinton McClung of the Buffy Musical Big Screen Extravaganza on NPR's Talk of the Nation.

The weirdest thing ... I just now saw this item and literally at that instant, the segment came on my local radio station (I'm always tuned to NPR at work). They're taking live calls from Buffy fans right now.

[Oop. It's over. So good to hear BtVS and Joss mentioned so positively on air. The singalong was favorably compared to "The Rocky Horror Picture Show" fun-wise, and Clinton McClung said he'd love to see OMWF on Broadway. Wouldn't we all! :)]

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I'm so happy for Clinton! He's worked so hard on this whole thing... I hope he does wind up on Broadway!!!
NPR's coverage of Buffy is always positive. Look up Talk of the Nation's piece on the end of the TV series. One of my favorites.

Now, Clinton, I have an assignnment for you next year: When the time comes, put in a good word for the charity screenings with TotN, because we've never been able to get that event any national press. ;)
I was so surprised to hear it (I had NPR on my headphones out in the shop anyway) - sounded like Clinton was about to mention Joss's comments on "Shut up, Dawn" when Conan cut him off - he'd just talked about Joss's positive comments and then started saying something like "But..."

(Conan cut off Jeph Loeb last week in the middle of Loeb talking about his son's funeral. They really need to learn how to schedule better.)
Or pacing, yeah. They're required to do little identifier bits at certain times because of the way the program's farmed out to the member stations and stuff. Many have automated systems to play underwriters and promos and stuff, so they have to know the exact time the show will be out so they can squeeze in a few of the things that bring them funding. :)
Thank you for this! Awesome.
It still weirds me out a little that this one guy is getting credit for all Buffy sing-a-longs. It was something we discussed doing the first night the episode aired (as my partner and I are both RHPS vets) and it's been happening at the Parkway in Oakland, CA for a while now too, only you don't have to stay up til midnight to see it there. It's cool that they're covering it at all, but still I'd like to see some perspective. Even one throwaway line about how this is a phenomenon that has spontaneously germinated across the country, and how this is the most famous instance.
The significant thing about Clinton is that he's actually doing it on a regular basis and touring. Not sure if he's making a profit, but it seems possible. Also the sound clip linked does have a caller who mentions an unrelated showing of OMWF.

Also, it would be INCREDIBLE if they were able to turn OMWF into a broadway show. Can you imagine? It would take some fleshing out and parts would change I'm sure (look at Wicked-book vs show), but it would be pretty amazing, and crazier things have been known to happen.
Neal Conan plus OMWF? Be still my heart! I love that man.

And I will wait with baited breath for the broadway show. After all, if a bunch of alley cats can do it...

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