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July 17 2007

Chiwetel Ejiofor's Talk To Me does well as Captivity flops. Starring Don Cheadle, Talk To Me opens in just 33 theaters but is second only to Harry Potter in per-screen takings.

I want to see this so very badly.
I'm looking forward to seeing 'Talk To Me' it sounds like a really wonderful film and a featured role for Chiwetel Ejiofors.
I want to make smart-sounding comments on the excellence of Chiwetel's American accents, based on Inside Job and the preview for this (different, specific). And my ambivalence about Kasi Lemon's work as a director, but all I can sincerely focus on is Captivity falling even below projections. Yay!

I have a malice problem.
I see that the cast also includes Vondie Curtis-Hall - director of the Firefly episode Our Mrs Reynolds.
'Talk to Me' sounds pretty good but yep, it's all the sweeter alongside 'Captivity's relative failure.

Does that make me a bad person ? Cos me and bad could get along in that case ;).

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