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July 18 2007

Nothing But Red. Inspired by Joss' post on the murder of Dua Khalil Aswad a group of activists have decided to publish an arts anthology titled "Nothing but Red," with proceeds to benefit a charity, probably Equality Now.

The announcement also makes Broadsheet at Requires membership or commercial viewing:
"Remember Buffy creator Joss Whedon's take-no-prisoners response to the public stoning, captured on cellphone, of Dua Khalil Aswad? Posted at the venerable fan site Whedonesque, it was both an exploration of misogyny -- the continuum Whedon sees between an Iraqi village and our very own Hollywood -- and a call to action."

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Anyone got a link to Joss' essay?
link title, meet period - oh, you look so happy together!

You say that now zeitgeist, personally I doubt it'll last more than a few posts, they just don't have enough in common.

Good cause, i'd be interested in shelling out a few hard-earned.

(and here's a link to Joss' original post on the subject daggerhart)
Huge, huge props to Nick (our PR guy) for setting this up on Salon!

I'd just like to, publicly, thank the whole NBR team for working so hard during the past few months, specifically those who have taken on the big roles: Nick, Angela, and "ormaybemidgets". Everyone is awesome. :-)

(Also, I'm totally geeking out, not just that my project is mentioned on is awesome--but that it's on Whedonesque...squee!)
Great site! I applaud the effort, and look forward to this working out.

Also, I hope that this link is not removed. I think Joss would want to see people follow up his words with positive actions.

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daggerhart - see here for Joss' post on the matter. My work blocks that page for 'Scan and block pornographic content' via our automated web filtering system..
Submissions will be open August 1, 2007 -- November 1, 2007.

Please note, our readers are all volunteers, therefore if we receive a high volume of submissions early on, we may end up closing to unsolicited submissions sooner than November 1st. Those who we’ve spoken to ahead of time about contributing, however, will still be welcome to send something in. On August 1, we will post here an email address for you to submit your work to. Electronic submissions only.

Glad to see this project is moving forward. Sounds like people planning to submit might want to get their contributions in as early as they can just in case there's a lot of interest.

Link to the article (which for some reason I could read without a subscription).

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