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July 18 2007

Breaking Atmo Video. Although I rarely use the word "awesome," it seems very appropriate to use it to describe this fanvideo celebrating the arrival of Serenity and Firefly at the International Space Station. Really awesome.

Well, the word "awesome" has already been used so I'll have to go with brilliant!

Seriously, it gave me a shiver of joy.
One word: Chills.
I can see my house from here ... ;-)

It's pretty easy to get caught up in all the bad shit we do as a species, there's sure plenty of it but every now and then it is, literally, wonderful to be reminded about the other side of the Sapiens coin. We're made from stars, y'know ? Beautiful.
They say that people in Florida get almost "dulled" to the awesomeness that is the shuttle program.... But footage like that still brings a tear to the eyes of this Floridian.

Great video, very well done!
Thats bloody Fraktabulous!
Fanfreakingtastic. I loved it.
They have been playing some of the footage from the mission on the NASA channel, but I haven't been able to catch the beginning.. I've just seen them eating (totally amusing!) and coming home. This is great. Thanks for posting it!

Also, did you notice how balloons are -always- fun in space!?
Is it available in a higher resolution?
That was really, really nice.

Also reminds me of how beautiful David Newman's score is!
If someone can explain why that video made me teary... I'd be interested to hear it.

Seriously wonderful video.
Is it available in a higher resolution?

Well, yes and no. The reality is that the bulk of it is taken from videos downloaded off of -- which are not high-quality to begin with. So, while there's a larger version (since it originally was edited to burn to DVD and show on the big screen at Firefly at the Mission last night), it's not actually of a higher quality or resolution, really.
Kirochka, I teared up, too. If I figure out why, I'll let you know.
Thanks for making me tear up at work!

Seriously though, watching that video was a moving experience.
Filled me with an overwhelming sense of rightness.
No one has said "Shiny" yet. I give this a Shiny factor of Ten: Break out the welding glasses! :D
That rules SO HARD! :D
I found it amusing that the launch had some tiles falling off the Shuttle.

"What was that?"
Am I a big baby just because I cry everytime I hear that music?! This was the highlight of my week. And I am so damn proud to be a Browncoat.
::raising hand:: Big baby also. Gets me everytime.
Anyone know where I can get the stills of the floating DVDs? That was something I want to look at often.

Also, Saje makes a great point, which made me smile when I realized how true those words were. That plus that video? "It's enough."
Dagnabbit, you went and made me all misty.

Anyone know where I can get the stills of the floating DVDs? That was something I want to look at often.

Right here.
Out. Of. This. World.

Literally! :-)
This video uses up all the awesome for the week. The music started and my sight got all...bendy.
If you cry in minimal gravity, do the tears just stay in your eyes?
*wipes glasses, not unlike a certain Watcher.*

I musta got something in my eye.
Late as this is, I have to add my "made me tear up". There really are no words for the emotion. *sniffle*

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