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July 18 2007

Tim Minear to sign at the Browncoats' table at Comic-Con! Tim will be signing on Saturday from 12:30-1:30pm.

To make myself feel better I keep saying in my head, "Even if you WERE going all of the events you would want to attend would overlap and you would miss half of what you want to see anyway."

It's really not working. Le Sigh.
That is such exciting news!! Mark and Tim! Cool.
Which day and time is Mark signing? I love that guy, he and Tim both are soooo awesome to their fans :)
Mark is not doing a formal sit-down signing. Instead he will be making appearances at the table at various times throughout the day on Saturday. He wants to be there to support the charity he chose and help us sell those mugs. We have so much stuff going on at the booth, I'm sure most people will have to make multiple visits :)
I know what you mean, death is my gift. I'll have to sacrifice a few of the things I want to see, including the Sarah Connors Chronicles pilot, for Joss' panel. Well, I hope to visit the table often, and at the right time.

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FWIW, my signing is going to be Friday at 4pm.
I misread that as "singing".
Tim is so great to do this (as are Mark, Krad, and all the others who are signing), but I'll be locked up in Ballroom B all day Saturday and so I'll miss him! :(
But I should get to meet Keith R.A. DeCandido!
I think I'm going to be reading you all a story if it can get jammed into the schedule.
From the conversations the committee has had about the meeting room, you are a lock in the schedule.
Awesome! We'll have to try to swing by! :-D
Oh cool! Thanks danregal.

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