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July 18 2007

Sarah and Freddie at the London premiere of Hairspray. The usual rainbow carpet pictures.

Cute dress, but I'll never understand how women walk in those things.

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Cloning should be illegal except for copies of Sarah Michelle Gellar.
Wasn't this directed by Adam Shankman who did the choreography for Once More With Feeling at Sarah's recommendation.
And, is it any good? Go Ricky!
Wasn't this directed by Adam Shankman who did the choreography for Once More With Feeling at Sarah's recommendation.

Yes, and I believe he also performed Sarah & Freddie's wedding ceremony.

I saw the HBO "Making Of" special for Hairspray and it looks really good. I hope it lives up to the preview.

Sarah looks really great and so does Freddie.

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I love the 'she dragged him along' implications of the line "Freddie Prinze Jr. was also there to accompany his wife."
Sarah looks terrific, but I'm not optimistic about the new version of Hairspray. Here's the New Yorker review. It doesn't look promising. I saw the Broadway production in May and it was wonderful. I'm also a huge fan of the John Waters original. I'm sorry, but Travolta can't compete with Divine.
She's beautiful, but she just wears too damn much eye makeup! Whew! Finally got that off my chest.
She looks fantastic, but I cant fathom why you'd wear black shoes with that color.
As has already been mentioned, Adam Shankman, the director of ĎHairsprayí, is a close friend of SMG. He worked as the choreographer on OMWF, on her recommendation, and officiated her wedding. Gellar also interviewed him for Out magazine in January 2006. A scan can be found at here.

Of more immediate interest may be an interview she gave to OK magazine while she was in London recently. It is not available online, but here are some extracts:

Sarah, we know youíve earmarked a few things to buy but we canít help but notice you're clutching a Harrods bag...

Oh, I had to get this. Itís my friend Anthony Headís showÖ he plays the Prime Minister.

Ah you must mean Little Britain...

Yes, Anthony is just so incredible, heís so talented and Iíve only seen a few sketches from the show so Iíve bought the box set so I can watch them all.

Anthony appeared alongside you in Buffy The Vampire Slayer. Now the show is over, do you still see him?

Itís funny because I havenít had a trip over to the UK in four years, but every time Anthonyís over in the US we try and hook up, but I havenít seen him all that much. We speak though Ė heís a great guy, very loyal.

Whatís your perfect night in?

We like watching South Park. I really love that show. And it amazes me because it only takes three weeks to get a show out so itís always really topical and itís always hilarious. I just really love it. And Family Guy, Sethís show (former Buffy co-star Seth Green) - That really makes me laugh too.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer was so successful - would there ever be another series?

I think itís really important to be true to the characters and the story you are telling. And one thing we always agreed on was to go out on a high. I never wanted people to be over it. You don't want to run out of stories.

But fans are asking for moreÖ

I love that people still want to see more but again you have to do it right. Sometimes itís better to preserve something. Buffy was iconic and it will go down in history as one of the greatest female empowering shows - and it's just not me saying that. I know that itís true. Sometimes itís best not to mess with something that good.

One thing that Buffy did was make you a role model - and you take that very serious, don't you?

Oh absolutely, I take it very seriously. Listen, if Iím able to help or lend my support to something because Iím in a position where people look up to me, then its my responsibility to appreciate and honour that. Itís certainly not something I take lightly.
Thank you, alien lanes, I'd never seen those quotes!
She looks fantastic, but I cant fathom why you'd wear black shoes with that color.

Cos they were the nearest to hand ? [/bloke mode] ;-)

Interesting quotes alien lanes, ta. Personally I think 'Little Britain' might get a bit samey watching it in marathon DVD sessions, hope she enjoys it though. It's always simultaneously slightly disappointing and kinda funny to watch SMG dance around the 'Buffy question'. Smooth moves ;).

(and re: photos wow, On This Day: Sarah Michelle Gellar looked fabulous - better make a special note, once I get over my complete lack of surprise ;)
"Usual rainbow carpet"??? Has the red model become passe`?

And the choreographer officiated at the weding?
And the choreographer officiated at the weding?

Heh. "As we bring these happy proceedings to a close, please rise and in celebration of this joyous event ... everybody cut, everybody cut ... everybody cut, everybody cut ... Footloose !" ;).
numbereleven - Black and blue can be worn together contrary to popular belief, in fact it's a huge combo on the runways at the moment. If you check out any runway show for the new winter season you'll notice designers have really taken to pairing lots of darker colours with black, especially dark blues.

Ashley - FPJ's there because he's also good friends with Adam Shankman, not only to accompany his wife (which I'm sure he wouldn't mind anyway :)).
Her dress is gorgeous (and I have no problem with the shoes, although I might have gone with a nude or metallic hue myself), and her arm candy looks fantastic. My one tiny problem is with the hair, which could have used a smoothing serum of some sort.

But when you've got so much going for you, and you're such a class act, you can totally get away with a bit of frizz.
binkaboo: It doesn't show on those pictures, but it was absolutely tipping it down with rain. Her hair was relatively frizz-free under the
Cute dress, but I fear that it will continue to perpetuate the SMG baby bump rumors that she can't seem to shake.
Over recent weeks, I think she has completely dispelled those rumours. They'll no doubt start up again in time. She is a married female celebrity after all *sigh*
Thank you for that excerpt, alien lanes! It's nice to hear that SMG and ASH keep in touch (and to read her nice compliment of him, too).
SMG also mentions in that OK magazine interview that she still sees David Boreanaz.

Aswell as being an iconic show, you were very lucky to be able to call kissing David Boreanaz, who played Angel, work

It doesn't hurt! And its so funny because we have the same vacation cycle so even if we dont see each other for the whole year, I know that we will always see each other on holiday.

Heh. Saje. *guffaw*

"You may now kiss the bride. Jazz hands, everyone!"

SMG is radiant. And she does the "Dance Around Buffy" like the acting-pro-of-many-years that she is. I always appreciate seeing her and contemplating that portrait she has in a closet somewhere getting older.


Youth is wasted on all the wrong people.

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