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July 18 2007

Universal HD promo: Firefly set to Strauss. First 2001, now our BDHs.

Please send this video to Fox TV, as an example of how to promote a TV show properly!
QuickTime yay! It looks great on my iPhone.

And IG, agreed. This is many years too late.
I changed the link, so people can have the choice of watching in the Flash Player or downloading it as a Quicktime file.
Wow. Just... WOW.

Whoever created that promo vid really understands the spirit and range of Firefly.

Damn. That promo ROCKS.

And yeah... if FOX TV had used a teaser like that to advertise Firefly (and maybe show it more often than a handful of times), things may have played out very differently for our show back in the day.
Am I missing something? This is on cable, right? I've never heard of a Universal HD channel.
Thanks, Simon. Here's the link to the Quicktime, in case it falls off the Firefly page at some point. Also, the sound is much better in the Quicktime version, I recommend it.

dimg, Universal HD is indeed a "cable" channel, part of some HD packages. For example, I used to get it from Cablevision, also get it now from FiOS TV.
I loved the trailer and the translation of the feel of action with humor. Definitely a clever promo.

Random observation, but I was intrigued that all the clips I could identify by episode were from the last 4 episodes of the DVD set (Trash, The Message, Heart of Gold, Objects in Space), and so primarily scenes only readily available on the DVD.
and so primarily scenes only readily available on the DVD.

Erm, that would be the case no matter what scenes they used.
Shiny shiny McShiny.
Wacky fun! :P What a great promo.
Awesome, thanks for posting.
Sweet. Gorram sweet.
: )
Now. That having been said, it's time for y'all who are able to start planning some viewing parties. Me? I don't have HD so I'm just putting forth an idea for them what do.
Your computer will already be fired up, so after each episode, get people at your party to jump on and post at the Universal Boards how much they love the show...and how much they'd LOVE to see a sequel to Serenity.
A lot of our BDHs have gone on to other projects--Desperate Housewives, Heartland, Stargate:Atlantis, makin' babies--so I don't think we're going to see another incarnation of our beloved old Firefly.
But a sequel film? I'm thinkin' that that would be do-able.
Universal just needs to know that there is an audience. In other words: $$$$$$ for the corporation.
I'm just sayin'...

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The video posted over there is nice and fun, but I must say that I enjoyed this one more. A bit darker and more serious, but I would offer that this promo video would have brought more people to the series.

That's awesome. Well, I think the last moments overdo it. Main on balance, awesome. How did I miss it before?
This is a thing of beauty.
I agree 100%, bix. I actually got slightly bored at the end (something I never thought I could be with anything but The Message... ;-), but on balance, awesome.

The Universal Strauss vid is surprisingly tight--almost note perfect and not a second too long. Fun, and soooo much better than those original Fawkes promos. (ur firefly r r feenix)
Well, it's not my favorite. It's too...clean. Or something. The music instills in me a sense of graceful, flowing motion. Like everything works well and is ordered; and for me this doesn't embody the nature of Firefly.

That's my angle on it. Acute and shuttered as it may be.
Nay I say. This is the most awesome Firefly trailer ever. And when I say awesome I obviously mean bland.
To me the effectiveness of a trailer depends an awful lot on the music. You could set almost anything to The Blue Danube and it would rock my boat. On the other hand, the schmaltzy music of the "from the mind of Joss Whedon" trailer would probably have put me off watching the series at all!

I really want truth in advertising, i.e. use music from the series itself. And when the music is as good as Firefly's, why not?
Gaark n' tarnation. Not only is there no sound in space, there's no sound on my work computer either (nor does it float in a cool manner and contains practically no suns). Trailer certainly looks good though.

Is there any official news on whether there'll be a HD DVD release ? And if so, when ? Might inspire me to shell out for a new player.

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AmazonGirl mentioned Firefly Parties. I think Uni's thinkin' the same, because they're evidently going to be having a Chat Room available during the Airtimes for the show. Shiny! :)
That was really nice. As was the "From the mind of Joss" one, actually.

Simon, that DVD ad...jeez. "Coming soon to a planet near you"? Wow, I wanna watch that! *rolls eyes*

Still better than the old FOX promos, though. "Pilot Savant"? Were it not for Joss' name, I wouldn't've watched way back when...

ETA: And when I read the subject line, hearing Strauss and 2001, I thought it would be "Also sprach Zarathustra." Someone should do that...

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This fan made video was made with sincerity, but seems to take its subject a tad too seriously.

Also, the character definitions are off-putting, and well, just off. Wash a "Clown"? Book a "Saint"? Jayne a "Killer"? I realize one word character descriptions don't allow for much complexity, but still... those tag lines are almost cartoonish.
"QuickTime yay! It looks great on my iPhone."

Looks crap on my tv *g*
Wow that DVD trailer was... not good. I'll leave it at that.

RhaegarTargaryen :The music instills in me a sense of graceful, flowing motion... and for me this doesn't embody the nature of Firefly.

For me it worked pretty well because the shooting/explosions/thwacking were in counterpoint to the music, making it actiony and then funny too (to me anyway). Does it fully capture the essence of Firefly? Uhm, no, but what can? and it is a damn sight better than the original Fox stuff.

B!x: Erm, that would be the case no matter what scenes they used.
Heh. I meant primarily eps that were exclusive to the DVD and not in the original broadcast. As you say, the only easy way to see any of the eps is on DVD (except for these shiny HD broadcasts and the occasional SciFi channel marathon). Like I said a random observation, but it seemed interesting to me that they focused on the last eps, 3 of which were not originally broadcast. Seemed a deliberate choice, but then it's easier to snag scenes from a more limited pool, and these scenes would be fresh to anyone who didn't watch the DVDs.

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