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July 19 2007

Magic Box replica raffled off for Slay-A-Thon fundraiser. Tickets costs $25 each and all the proceeds go to the Make-A-Wish Foundation. More pics of the Magic Box can be found here.

It's a incredibly good fan effort. Chris says he spent three months making it and had been collecting the store items for a couple of years.

That is awesome! I wonder if the little bell rings when the front door opens...I'm totally going to recommend slug!
Hopefully the custom Season 8 Buffy figure I've sent for the Slay-A-Thon auction (organised through BTVSFigs) has arrived by now as well...
That's amazingly cool! Great details. It'd be awesome if the other side (with the loft and research/sex table) could have been a part.
Amazing detail. I adored the close-up of the magazines in particular - hilarious.
That person is quite the talented model maker. I'm impressed.
I want this. I do. It's very cool, and the outside is ace.

I have carefully assembled a number of these same miniature items, but built myself a tiled dream library instead - with fireplace and tarot nook - but it never occurred to me to built a Buffy set with 'em.

*is almost chastened.*

I'm buying a shot at it. And naturally - as with all miniature collector and model builders - I intend to keep adding to it when I win it. I want more books.

And a tiny angry Evil Willow.
Sorry Quoter Gal, this one is mine. Mine. All mine!!!!
Or, yes, I'm trying for it too. It can go next to my Sunnydale library. Except that the library is in my library and I don't have a Magic Box to put this one in. Hmm.
Then en garde, my dear Lioness, to the death - or purchase, whichever comes first.

Well, actually, since this is a raffle and not an auction, we can't exactly play duelling credit cards. Which is too bad, 'cause I'm fierce in an auction. Just ask the SoCal Browncoats who also wanted the Serenity blueprints.

Wow, that's some detailed work. I love it!
Oh, this is utterly cool. Every time I think of the Magic Box, I think of Buffy in a perpetual time loop (among other things). Now, how come they can do this contest as a raffle? Interesting.

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