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July 19 2007

'Drive' gets an Emmy nom. "Drive" was nominated for Outstanding Special Visual Effects For A Miniseries, Movie Or A Special in today's announcements of the 2007 Emmy Awards.

Holy cow. Drive doesn't even qualify as a series! Hilarious and tragic both.
I was about to say "ironic," but I see it's been tagged as such already.
what the???? *smacks head*
-- totally speechless.
My DVD shelves are fairly littered with Emmy nominated/winning former Fox shows. In fairness to the question of categorical correctness, Nathan Fillion appearing on my TV is always Special.
'Y'know, ever since Fox cancelled "Drive", it's been one piece of bad luck after another.'

From Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man issue 22, by Peter David.
A miniseries. Huh.


Maybe the trick with FOX is to write a series as though it will only last 4 episodes; but leave doors open for the story to expand. With this approach, at the very least the fans won't be left with all the dangling, tantalizing, shreds of stories that were cruelly severed before their time. Then, if the show somehow, miraculously, doesn't get axed by the axe-happy FOX, the series can continue on.

Congratulations to Zoic on this Emmy nomination, well deserved. They did very impressive work for Drive.
You have to admire how mercenary FOX is. Pick up the show, change the show, cancel the show, schedule the end then cancel that too. And then go on to milk it for an Emmy nomination by calling it a Mini-Series.
Bah humbug, I was kinda hoping there would be noms for Alyson, Julie and Joss.
Slightly off-topic, but can somebody explain the difference between "single camera" and "multi-camera"? If there was ever an explaination of "self-explainatory category title," just not working, this would be it. It just seems so obvious, but when I think of the shows in those categories, the number of cameras used doesn't seem so obvious (or important, for that matter).
Speaking of Drive (What? Emmy? Why, it wasn't good enough to continue running! Barf on Fox.)

Anyway, this poor child is on the Internets via dial-up, and so can't watch the last eps.

Would it be possible for some kind person to write up some blurbage on what happens in the unaired eps?

Pretty please, with sugar on top (or kittens, if you're that kind of demon)?

Or email it to me (my email is in my Profile dealy)?

I gather UK folks couldn't see it, either, so maybe a link to a synopsis on this here site.
A mini-series? What?

But, congrats to ZOIC. Here's to hoping they can add another Emmy on their shelf right next to the one they got for Firefly...
Well that's one way to get the Emmy Awards cancelled...or either presented out of order..:-)
And 11th hour, I can think of two shows that have done that, BSG whic hwas a miniseries first(dont know if season 2? was already greenlighted or not), but I woud imagine that after getting good ratings the miniseries, the show continued on. And 4400, the first "season" was a miniseries, and I guess because it did well, it garned a second season so to speak.
Yes, and if they'd canceled it 26 minutes into airing, it would have been a half-hour comedy.
*bursts into sardonic laughter*
tehabwa, you can get the scripts for both episodes at
Good one, dreamlogic!
Whatever my disappointments have been towards the Emmys, it's incredibly ironic it's showing more love for "Drive" than Fox ever did.
Slightly off-topic, but can somebody explain the difference between "single camera" and "multi-camera"?

Someone correct me if I'm wrong. But this refers to how many cameras are filming a scene at a time. If it's multi-camera then it's usually the more traditional sitcom style, e.g. Friends, Seinfeld, etc. Single camera is literally that... they shoot the scene from one angle, then shoot it from another angle, and another, rather than doing it all simultaneously.

I think.

[ edited by Jobo on 2007-07-19 20:28 ]
Congratulations to Zoic who did a fabulous job throughout the, er, miniseries.

Also congrats to David Semel for the direction of the Heroes pilot. Semel directed 4 Buffy episodes: "Never Kiss a Boy...", "What's My Line 2", "Go Fish", and "Lover's Walk". Pretty nice list. :) (Hey, I like "Go Fish"! :p )
Correct me if I'm wrong, but no love for David Fury of "24" nor Drew Goddard of "Lost," right? Guess it must have been because their miniseries shows weren't cancelled. :-P
Former Angel stunt coordinator Jeff Cadiente got a nom for 24.
Congrats to Seth Green for the Robot Chicken nomination too. I'm also really happy for Masi Oka's and will eagerly wait to see if Tony Bennett beats Stephen Colbert this year. And at least BSG got a writing and directing nod, although three out of the five writing nominations for the Sopranos? Do the Emmy voters seriously think there aren't some other deserving dramas out there?
What? No Dexter??? Oh, it was nominated for outstanding editing and theme song. Whatever.

*grumble grumble*
The lack of Dexter pretty much shows how bland the Emmys have become, even if we knew that before. A writing nom for BSG is one thing (and a directing one, too) - but to not nominate Michael C Hall for acting in Dexter, it makes the whole thing a joke.

Also, I could name five shows better than the ones they nominated for best drama...
Dude... and no other words could possibly describe my utter shock.
My friends and I have a saying for this type of situation:
"Well...ain't this about a bitch?!"
I mean, holy crap. Boston Legal?? Grey's Anatomy??? Come on. Are they kidding???
What I can't understand is how Battlestar Gallactica, one of the BEST DAMNED DRAMAS ON TV didn't get nominated for Best Dramatic Series.
And speaking of Best Damned Dramas on TV, please oh please Lord don't let me get started about how The Wire and the final season of Deadwood also got snubbed.
In YOUR face, FOX!

*Makes rude gestures*
'Dexter' has got to be a shoe-in for Main Title Design, most evocative, jauntily disturbing titles i've seen in ages. Theme's good too.

Kind of a crime it and BSG aren't in the Drama category though and Michael C Hall is, indeed, brilliant as the serial killer without a heart of gold ;).

(maybe Hugh Laurie will finally get one for making 'House' endlessly fascinating instead of endlessly formulaic)

And no 'Earl' love in the Comedy category ? As well as a bunch of hugely likeable performances from all the leads the way it's only too happy to play with its formula is a breath of fresh air IMO.

edited cos you only get an 'oo' with Typhoo. And 'too much'.

[ edited by Saje on 2007-07-20 09:45 ]
Congrats to Zoic but in general, the Emmy's are a joke. Nothing has changed since Buffy was basically snubbed for seven years.
And even when they get it right (The Sopranos), they just throw everything at that one show for as long as it's on, & don't even consider spreading the recognition around a bit.

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