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July 19 2007

'Adam Baldwin, it's got to be Adam Baldwin.' Josh Schwartz tells PopGurls that Adam was the top pick for the role of John Casey in the new fall show "Chuck." Also? Looks like Adam may get chances to bring the funny in the role.

The show sounds awful, but I'll give it a try for Adam Baldwin. It's always a good thing when a director/producer wants to give him humour. He's got such great comedic timing.

And yet another military type role. I'll bet that over his long career, he has spent more time playing a soldier of some sort, than many soldiers have actually been in the military.
Anytime I get to watch Adam, it's a good day.
I'm kind of looking forward to this. Sure, it's Jake 2.0-lite, but it depends a lot on how they do the random downloads and the kid's reactions to them. 'Course, I'll watch it whether it's good or not -- Adam's been my honey since The Cape. ;)

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