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July 19 2007

Whedonopolis talks with Steve 'Stunt Spike' Tartalia. He talks about working on Buffy, Angel, what he's doing now, and his years in Hong Kong.

The link does not appear to be working.... :(
It looks like the site is offline. The ip address for the site seems to be down.

9:30pm ET US - It's back up now.

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It worked for me just now. Just like with the stunt featurettes on the DVDs, the stunt person interviews are always more interesting and fun than I expect.
Fun interview!

Although Steve Tartalia's stunts always annoyed me, because his hair is bit different from Spike's, so you could tell when they switched. A bit distracting.

[ edited by deird on 2007-07-20 05:38 ]
Great interview, cheers!

He sounds like a really nice bloke. He says some lovely thing about James too. :0)
Great interview. Loved that they mentioned the Angel comic to him - hope he picks them up and prepares for the obvious live film that will result from their popularity....

*goes back to reality......*

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