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July 20 2007

Mark Sheppard joins cast of Bionic Woman as a regular and crashes his new car.

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Mark does great little blogs. Pithy and informative.
That is so dang fantastic! I cannot wait!
Katee Sackoff AND Mark Sheppard?? This makes up for Issiah Washington. I'll be watching.
I found a review of the Bionic Woman pilot in Televisionary which reveals Mark's role in it. He's the father of the surgeon that makes Jamie bionic.
I've seen the trailers, recently re-edited when they fired the actress who plays her sister, and it doesn't look bad.
For me, and I suspect many Brits, the biggest shock with the Bionic Woman series is hearing Michelle Ryan speak in her real voice. She sounds like Kate Beckinsale!
And her American accent isn't bad either.
The Bionic Woman is going to be a Brit?
This kinda upped my interest in the show back up again which fell after the hiring of that d-bag from grey's anatomy and the reworking of the sister which I kinda feel could be attributed to network meddling.
The Bionic Woman is American. The actress is a Brit.

And I heard people unhappy with a non-deaf actress playing a deaf character, along with a rumoured storyline where the bionic implants "cure" her. There is a part of the deaf community that is very militant about words like "cure" so it might have been a very controversial storyline either way.

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