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July 20 2007

(SPOILER) Spike:Shadow Puppets #3 preview. A 5 page preview of the hilarious series from IDW and Brian Lynch

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CoverA :




Page2 :




This looks hilarious. Like Asylum each new issue just gets better and better. In case you haven't picked up #2 yet, dash right out and get it.

Check out Brian's comments on Shadow Puppets #1.
I don't think Brian's MySpace blog has been linked here before (can't remember) or whether it's private or public (forget how to tell) and sort of OffTopic, but if you haven't seen his recent blog: Sneak Preview (insert facetious quotes before Sneak and after Preview) of Angel: After The Fall, you're missing some funny. That Brian.

I won't link it, but you can go to MySpace and search Brian Lynch.
I just finished reading #2 and as expected, I loved it! I really liked the recap of the last issue done by Lorne. Looking forward to the next issue.
This series makes superb reading I can tell you, and this issue wow! Just look at the wee puppet men go!
Angel could lift his. His was probably lighter. Right. Bugger this.

I laughed.
It was great! Loved it.
Dang it all...I am still waiting for my copy of episode 2...wahhhhh....

Hurry up mail dude!

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