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July 20 2007

How Drive made Emmy history. Fascinating follow up to yesterday's news about the show getting an Emmy nomination.

This is so twisted. So it's not even that FOX reclassified its canceled show as a mini-series in order to get a nomination. It's that the effects people managed to get the un-aired three-minute effects-laden introduction streamed online and declared a "special"?


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I'm happy for them even though I never watched it. Maybe it could be brought back?
Tim has carried the "Still Flyin" spirit with him over to Drive. This is amazing to me. Canceled and now nominated. Greatness.
The clip is on right now.
Wow that's a very impressive clip.
This is just sick. Once again, FOX will get some good press off a show they axed before its time. Shades of Firefly...and Wonderfalls...and The Inside...sometimes I find it hard to believe Miracles was on ABC.
Well, the effects were really good. Congrats to those involved.
I wonder what the odds are that Drive will win. It seems very different from the competition.

"Drive" is now going up against HBO's "Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee," TNT's "Nightmares & Dreamscapes," ABC's "The Path to 9/11" and Discovery Channel's "Secrets of the Deep"
I loved this show...I hope they at least stand a chance, and I'll be getting the box set!
The shooting scripts for the last two episodes of Drive are available on Tim Minear's website now. I don't think I've seen them posted yet. Here's the link:
Oh wow that was beautiful. And all as one long shot with no cutting away.
I hadn't realized that the full clip wasn't included in the first episode, Starting Line. Thanks for the link and mention. I wish it were available in a larger format (as good as the streaming episodes.)

Also, I wonder why Mr. Bright (BtVS S1e1 director Charles Martin Smith) didn't appear in recently released online episodes 5 and 6?
I'm really glad the special effects guys are getting some recognition for themselves and for Drive. It is hard on such creative people (from Tim on down) to put their hearts and souls into great shows which are canceled so quickly. I get the pressures of ratings, and the bottom line, but still: creative work really deserves recognition.
I'm so glad that some of the creative people are getting recognition, but I hate that Fox is getting credit for something they treated as just one more disposable experiment in "we don't wanna spend the money to produce a good series" before running back to the cheap safety of mindless reality shows.
A pox on the house of Fox :(
But yay the creative team & may the nod reflect well on poor Tim.
I just finished watching the final two episodes of DRIVE and I am BUMMED!

How dare fox cancel a show and send it into oblivion mere seconds after Amy Acker enters the stage?! HOW?! I mean WTF?!

There has to be a federal statute... or something written into the Geneva Convention against abusing Amy Acker's acting skills in this way. They dangle in front of us her character's entry into the narrative and then yank it away forever. That IS torture.

What a travesty.

Fox needs to see a specialist about its network-wide ADD. If they would take their collective eyes off of the Nielson meter and try watching the amazing shows they put into production (Firefly... Wonderfalls... Drive... etc), perhaps they would learn to love the shows and let them live a bit longer.

But, alas, one needs a soul in order to love...
I love that, Hjermsted, Fox suffers from "network-wide ADD".

Of course one doesn't always need a soul in order to love, but that's a whole other plate of spicy chicken wings. :)
Haha.. take that FOX! They never seem to learn their lesson... It's the execs who should be canceled instead of the shows because their incompetence and lack of vision is quite obvious.
Good luck to Drive in the emmy RACE.
Odd, I thought that was the start of the first episode. Oh well.
So, since it qualifies as a special, and not as an actual television series, does this mean that in the future Internet-only broadcasts by non-network entities would also be eligible? Or does the fact that it's affiliated with a network make it eligible?

I guess I'm confused because it makes me wonder what would then bar things like Internet films from being eligible for Emmys, especially since many of them are short form pieces. I must be missing something.
Did anybody else try to submit the award to Drive's page? Was anybody successful?

Mine got rejected because I had trouble with the recipent name? They won't let you just put Drive in. Is Zoic Studios the receipent or Tim Minear? I tried putting in Tim Minear with Zoic Studios as the attribute and it got rejected.

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