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July 20 2007

Creation adds Sean Maher to Serenity Salute. Lots of events and ticket info posted also.

And check out the California Browncoats getting a mention. Whoo!

OMG!!! I am going to have to go now .... I think.
I'm trying to figure out what the difference betweeen a gold weekend ticket and a preferred weekend ticket.
Simon here's the difference on the levels;


3) Complimentary admission to the famous exclusive to "gold" DESSERT PARTY with the stars on Saturday Night. Music, delicious desserts, fellow fans from around the globe, celebrities and a cash bar. Always a highlight of all Creation events! Tentative celebrity drop-ins include ALAN TUDYK and MORENA BACCARIN

4) Seating at the Sunday Morning Celebrity Brunch and charity auction where we raise money for a worthwhile cause. We're proud to have raised over $1 million dollars for various charities over the years. Join us at this special occasion for a wonderful breakfast with fans and celebrity drop-ins, plus our silent auction. Guests join the fun to tour to your table and personally meet attendees. Tentative celebrity guests are SEAN MAHER and SUMMER GLAU.

You do not get the dessert party on prefered, and you have to buy a ticket to the breakfast. Plus you get better seating.

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I wonder if I can somehow manage both this and Serenity LA. Hmm.
I find it really interesting/unusual (to me, anyway) that Creation run their events without the guests attending all weekend. Maybe it makes it easier to book them, and obviously it would certainly make each guest cheaper and therefore they'd be able to afford more, but I'm used to events where everybody is there all the time, unless they have to turn up late/leave early due to work or flight issues.

It would never have occurred to me to check whether the guests were attending all weekend or not - I would have expected it to be more obvious than the "Saturday" next to Alan and Morena and the "Sunday" next to Sean and Summer if they weren't.
Ugh. I hate Creation. But - someone told me they were going to hook me up with a ticket so at least I won't be giving my money to them.
Have to see if the site says "Maher" - the e-mail I got said "Mayer." Grr... arrgh. (Sorry... I'm OCD when it comes to spelling.)

Someday I'll have to attend one of these, once time and finances allow (I'm trying to imagine the look on my husband's face when I finally mention this desire...)

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