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July 20 2007

Adam Shankman's 'Hairspray' is 95% fresh. The man who choreographed "Once More With Feeling" directs the big-screen adaptation of the Broadway smash to mostly positive reviews!

I love me some Adam Shankman, y'all. :)

(94% now -Z.)

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Here's the Washington Post review. Peter Marks writes, "The real star of this "Hairspray" a guy you probably have never heard of: Adam Shankman, the film's director-choreographer."

I loved the John Waters film that the musical is based on, and I thought the Broadway version, which I saw in May, was excellent. I have my reservations about John Travolta. He's no Divine. I do like the idea of Christopher Walken as Wilbur.

Edited to change link to full review.

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NY Times gave it something of a rave review, too.
This movie also has a second "Whedonesque" connection - it features Zac Efron in the role of Link Larkin. Zac is pretty well known from his role in High School Musical, but Firefly fans know him as Young Simon from the episode "Safe."
I've been wondering whether to see the new film and the stage show - I love the original, but I wonder if the film and the stage show so close together (the movie opened in London yesterday, the theatre in October) might just be a bit too much Hairspray all together.
Kudoes to Adam Sh. for doing a god job with it...

but Is till don't see the justification for having the mother palyed by a femal impersonator. Yes, Divine was really a man but that was one casting and, well, I just have this tendency to get Wildly Indignant (caps intentional) about things even tho I'm not a registered student anyplace right now.
Wait... Zac Efron was Young Simon? Totally never put that together.

Yeah, I had my doubts about John Travolta as the mother, too, but otherwise the movie was great. Also, the scene between Christopher Walken and John Travolta was hilarious.
I saw it tonight and what a great movie. It was so much fun, the cast was great & wonderful singers, and the choreography was so good. Adam deserves whatever praise he's getting.
Shankman was interviewed on Fresh Air last week (link is here) - it was a great interview, although I waited in vain for a mention of OMWF. But the NPR Fresh Air website says he choreographed "the legendary musical episode of Buffy, the Vampire Slayer," at least!
Oh, and the comma there is sic...

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