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July 20 2007

Light-up Serenity navigation panel. SerenityStuff notes a doozy of an item suddenly put up at The Prop Store of London: "The pad is made from grey plastic with a window on the front, this has an informational acetate sheet attached to it and when the light is switched on using a small slide switch on the bottom shows a fantastically detailed image of the Firefly class ship 'Serenity'".

Data and information displayed in Chinese characters. Note that the Prop Store image (reproduced on SerenityStuff) positions the panel upside down.

Gee, I was thinkin' "Hey, something from Prop Store I could actually afford!"


Boy, was I wrong. For this price, I could've gone to Comic Con, flight, hotel, t-shirts, 'n' all.
:( I think they should make a plasticky version for us broke peons! :P
But what about the three seashells?

Switches. I meant switches.
Some Prop Store items are affordable. The "Inara Glasses" shown right below sold for $69. "Made for the film" items do tend to be higher, because of their uniqueness. I've purchased 7 props from them so far, and most have been very reasonably priced. I'll admit they're going a bit steep this time. I expected something like this to be in the 300-400 dollar range.

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