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July 21 2007

'Mad Men' premiere does ridiculously well in the ratings. According to the Hollwood Reporter, "...the rating means that Mad Men's premiere is AMC's highest-rated original series telecast ever."

Vincent Kartheiser and Christina Hendricks are in the cast of the show.

That's great to see. This show deserves the attention.
Edited to fix Nielsen spelling and add info about cast members.
I watched a rerun of it last night. Good show, well acted, great storylines, not on F*x. It should do well. Christina looks lovely as always, and has an interesting character to play. Congrats to AMC!

Also, best of luck to them in the Emmy-hunt for Broken Trail. That was a terrific Mini-Series and deserving of high praise.
I don't get that channel, but downloaded the "making of" free preview from the iTunes Music store. This show looks incredible. I'll try to be patient for the inevitable DVD release.
This is a fabulous show.
I just watched it and absolutely loved it. HBO-type quality stuff, it sort of reminded me of Six Feet Under. I think subconsciously it clicks with me since I was born in the Sixties and my dad was in advertising.
I adore this show! Kudos to everyone involved. In addition to the writing and the acting, I love the aesthetics of it - the clothes, the music, the lingo, the booze, the everything. I'm so happy for Kartheister and Hendricks.
The only problem I can see with this wonderful, realistic, dedicated cast is.... They're all candidates for Lung Cancer lol! I was only a kid, but yeah... folks did smoke that much back then. The sexism is glaringly obvious, too. Makes you realize that, though more changes need to happen, times are slightly better now here in the US.

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