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July 21 2007

(SPOILER) David Greenwalt talks 'Moonlight'. Inevitably Angel comes up in this audio interview but the premise of Moonlight is intriguing and David's very enthused for his new show.

The 400 year old vampire character who has ADD sounds fantastic.
Yeah, I like that idea too (presumably that's the Jason Dohring part ?). Fine line for the actor to play though, you have to take a condition people tend to see as mainly afflicting the young but also (at least part of the time) invest the character with the gravitas of 400 years of 'life' on Earth.

Sounds like it has potential and I thought his comment about creators doing more than one cop show or more than one hospital drama was a good point. Just because 'Angel' and 'Moonlight' are both vampire shows doesn't mean they can't be as different as, for instance, 'Columbo' is to 'The Shield'.
Still undecided about this show. Not because of the supposed Angel connections but simply because I already have a good number of shows to watch this next season, including at least one new show that is must-see for me (Bionic Woman) and another that sounds a little more interesting than Moonlight (Reaper). Then you have Summer in the Sarah Connor Chronicles starting in 2008 which already means three new series to add to 24, Battlestar Galactica, Lost, Supernatural, Heroes, Dexter and Stargate Atlantis. That's a lot of television to fit into my busy life.

If Moonlight makes it a full season (and any of my other new shows don't) then I may rethink the situation because it doesn't sound like a terrible show at all. Just the fourth most interesting on a list where I really can't be coping with more than three right now.
I will totally give it a try, for Ron Koslow if not for Greenwalt.

There will be a bit of not exactly resentment, maybe more like regret, on my part, the ADD vampire smacks of Spike, but I'll try to keep an open mind and hope I enjoy it.
It's sounding a lot different, and now I'm actually looking forward to it.

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