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July 21 2007

Serenity at Comic Con 2004 - a honeymoon tale. One of those feel good fan accounts that'll brighten up your weekend.

Nice story. Thanks, Simon.
What a great story. Happy Anniversary to Greg and Julie!

This makes 2 years in a row I plan to go to SDCC and something else comes up. I'll be missing the Jossness! Grrr Argh!
Aw, garsh. Sweet.

*returns to reading a certain very looong book released (in the U.S.) this morning at 12:00a.m.*
That is very sweet (even with the now-sad talk of sequels...) Thanks!
Thank you Simon. It did brighten up my weekend.
Happy Anniversary to the happy couple. :)
Thanks for posting that, Simon. That was a lovely story. Happy Anniversary to Greg and Julie.
Maybe someone can convince Mr Whedon to include auxilary characters named Greg and Julie in his next book/movie. They'd be a happy couple, which in the Jossverse means sorrow when the girls dies in a tragic blimp accident over the Orange Bowl on New Year's Day.

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This is a great story! Thanks for posting...

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