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July 21 2007

Liquid Generation's 'Who'd You Rather' features comic book Buffy. This week's Liquid Generation's 'Who'd You Rather' poll (which has men, women, food etc depending on the week) features comic book women- it's all rather frivolous but Buffy (from Season 8, issue 1) is pitted against Vampirella- and she's losing (at 32%).

Can I put "none of the above?"

I've always had this instinct to not see Buffy sexually (I will admit to having a little trouble ignoring her legs in the basement scene in "Fear, Itself"). Which is kind of odd, because I really don't lose any respect in any way for women to whom I am attracted, from my lovely wife on down. But, even in my dreams in which I am a Scooby, I'm no more than another Xander (and, yes, I realize that sounds superfluous). I just... have trouble seeing Buffy as anything other than a friend.
I understand that those who aren't familiar with Who'd You Rather would think it was a sexual thing (well, even they reference it in their instructions) but when you compare it with past weeks where you've had to choose between say, Freddy and Jason, or pizza and beer, it kind of points out how seriously it doesn't take itself.

(That wasn't a response to LKW in particular by the way!)
It does come across as very sexual in a not-so-empowering way. I don't mean that in a "hate the survey" kind of way but more in a "checked it out, wasn't impressed, moved on without voting" kind of way.

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