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July 21 2007

(SPOILER) 'Supernatural' Wants to be 'Buffy', not 'One Tree Hill'. Michael Ausiello talks to Supernatural series creator Eric Kripke about new cast additions next season. "What we're trying to do is what shows that we admire tried to do, like The X-Files and Buffy... Buffy had other characters that were coming in and out of the storyline, and they were fascinating characters." Some spoilers for season 3.

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Well, Kripke is doing something right, because now that BtVS is off the air, Supernatural has become my TV obsession.

I know lots of fans are freaking out about the new female characters, but I like that the SPN has begun fleshing out the recurring characters, like Bobby, Ellen and Gordon. Of the two new characters, Bela sounds the most interesting to me. I like unpredictable, wild card characters, like Faith or Ethan.
As a fan of all things Whedon and of Supernatural, I can't even express how gleeful this interview made me. I've always said that Kripke's show is similar to Whedon's shows, in quality and in nuts-and-bolts things like dialog pacing and the ability to make me laugh out loud in the middle of a Very Serious Scene.

Anyway, it's nice to be know fandom was freaking out over nothing, and all the screaming that the CW was forcing Kripke&Co to add the new characters so we all need to write nasty letters to the network was unfounded.

Oof. I shouldn't try to make sense before coffee.
I feel better about the addition of the two girls, but I still would rather they didn't add them. What makes Supernatural so great and so different from other shows is Sam and Dean and their relationship as brothers. I don't want anything to take airtime away from that.
I'm glad to hear him mention Hendrickson and Ellen. I'm personally hoping Hendrickson gets a much bigger storyline in S3, and that we get to see Ellen in action as well. Part of the problem with the characters SPN comes up with is that so few of them are ever seen again. SPN is even more prone to kill off its characters than the Whedonverses.
As a huge fan of Supernatural, I must say I am in favor of adding the 2 girls, especially now that Kripke has cleared the air of how they will be portrayed. I like that there are more regular characters to interact with Sam and Dean, it makes the show more interesting to me. Of course the romantic in me hopes that one turns into a love intrest for one of the boys, but if they don't, that's alright. I just love the show and really look forward to a new season.
This post should have a spoiler tag. Those are season 3 spoilers in the article.

I think the show needs a few female characters anyway. Fans are worried that the main characters will get love interests? What's wrong with that? I thought that's what fangirls like anyway, romances for their heroes that they can root for and live through vicariously. I always wanted Jo to be more of a love interest, but I agree she needed to become more of an antagonist -- which I thought she did at the end of the season. I had no problem with it.

I like the show and I like where it's going, especially with what's at stake now that That's going to make things extra tense, and I can't wait to see how it plays out.

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I'm not into the Supernatural fandom (even though I love the show and never miss an ep) and had no idea there was such a big kerfuffle going on. Kripke is a gem for communicating to his fans in such a clear manner. Good for him. This just makes me more dedicated to the show, but I'll definitely avoid the fandom.
Sorry, spoiler tags added. I missed 'em when I scanned the article.
In our fandom's defense, the show's team have somewhat let it get as bad and crazy as it is. We all disliked Jo, so what did the show do? They wrote her out of the show. We get upset about the comic book series? The writer says he will try to change the mistakes. I feel like it's THEIR show and they need to stop letting us control them so much. But yes, we fans are VERY, VERY protective of the boys (myself included) and for a love interest to work, we need to see the chemistry and it needs to be not rushed or forced on us, like Jo was.

I've been talking about Kripke's interview on my LJ and while I am to the point where I could care less about the two new girls (although I am happy they were bumped back to "recurring" rather than "regulars"), I am very disappointed and upset with the casting decisions.

But yes, SPN is my OBSESSION post-Buffy, and regardless of the freaking out, I am very excited about season three. Hendrickson should break Gordon out of jail and team up to trap Sam and Dean. ;)
Sounds to me like Kripke needs to kill off a few more people and remind the craxies who is boss.
The thing is - they're not a CSI or a Law and Order. They are on CW and even though they get good ratings for that network, there was a bit of speculation that it might not get picked up for a third season. They love their fans - they like their fans.

Ultimately, I think it is still their show - I think that when it counts, certain decisions might jive with how fans are perceiving it but it isn't as if Kripke is making decisions because fans demand it. I hated Jo - I didn't know very many people who did, but it doesn't mean that Kripke & Co. loved the story line as well.

I think that is one of the reasons why these two new characters are less like Jo and more capable. Jo was whiny, young, she looked 12 years old. I'm okay with the changes Kripke is making - I like that he communicates his decisions and the reasons behind them. I like that more than a creator/writer/producer who makes decisions and never communicates with fans.
Personally, I'm happy that Kripke listens to his fans. Because really, fans are what keeps a show on the air. And if you alienate them too much, the show goes buh bye. Now, if only network exec's paid that much attention to fans....

I wasn't too happy with the addition of the new characters either... but I've slowly grown to accept them. However, I am still not overly impressed with their casting choices. Probably because both girls are supposed to be tough, yet look like they could get taken out with a pool noodle. But that is just me.

I would love to see more Ellen as well, but the actress has already stated that the network hasn't contacted her about being in more episodes... mainly because she is an older character, and that isn't their demographic.
Aurra, I know a lot of female fans who would be very glad to take them out with a pool noddle. :) I liked Ellen, I hated Jo. Ellen could be more of a mother figure, but that's just kind of wrong considering all the history with their mother.

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