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July 22 2007

DC Buffy Singalong "sold out faster than any other show I've done anywhere else." Washington Post article about this weekend's OMWF singalong at DC's Avalon Theater. I believe registration is required.

Chris, you just beat me to posting this. Yeah for DC area Buffy fans! I couldn't go, so the dogs and I watched OMWF.
um, there's an ENORMOUS nest of vamps in DC. I suspect a sneak attack. :)
I was there. Great fun. I disagree with the Post's writer that there can be no ad-libbing in Sunnydale - that audience callbacks and interaction with what's going on on the screen for Buffy is inevitably "pre-fabricated" versus how it was "organic" for Rocky Horror. Both are filmed entertainments, and even if McClung's presentation is structured, I can easily see an organic group interaction with OMWF evolving among audiences. Hell, it has already evolved that way amongst Buffy fans I know. Methinks the Post's writer is unaware of the longtime and flourishing subculture of Buffy fans. But, whatever. Good coverage from the Post, which I ultimately can't complain about.

One thing: I had been under the impression that for other sing-a-long shows, professional actors in costume are up on the stage, dancing and singing along to the screen. Maybe this only happens in NYC? Or among shows not organized by McClung?

Oh, and DC? Definitely on a hellmouth. Oh yeah.
Clinton's show does have a cast, but the cast doesn't normally tour (I imagine because that's an increased cost).
The actors in costume are in NYC only as of this time. We're technically not professional, since we don't get paid, but we do put in a lot of time into making the show as awesome as possible.

ETA: bix is right. We don't usually tour because we would have to pay for the air fare and hotels and such out of our own pockets, not to mention the fact that most of us have M-F jobs and would need to take one day a week off from work just to get to the cities where the shows are. Occasionally, as we did in Boston in April and are doing again in Denver this August, the cast will decide to head out to a show as a group. Boston was a blast (way better than my High School prom), and Denver is going to be awesome because our original Xander will be in town and is going to join us for the shows. :)

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I can't wait for the Denver show, it will be awesome I'm sure. I am really glad you all will be out here.
It must be awesome! I live in Europe but I just happen to be in Denver that weekend and so just bought a ticket for Friday show. See you there :D
Awwwwww, I wish I could have made it there -- seein' as how DC is next door and all! Maybe next time. *sigh*
Hi to everyone else who was there - I was wayy in the back. I roared out the answer to the first trivia question, then was quiet afterwards to give other people a chance, and I wanted to save my voice. But hey, it was worth it for a Fireball :-)

TaraMaclay, did Clinton tell you that he was talking to the Avalon about coming back this fall? Speaking for myself, I would pay more so that we could see a full cast.
TaraMaclay, I'm with gingeriffic. I'd love to see this with the cast. And I'm sure you could find free places to stay. I've got a couple of spaces at my house.
gingeriffic and Bobbi: Thank you ever so much for the kind words. I will pass them onto Clinton when I speak to him next. I did read in the Washington Post article that he was asked to come back in the fall. Depending on what my class schedule looks like, I would be thrilled to visit the Nation's capital and add another city to my list of "places I have performed." :)
I had wanted to go but did not want to go alone as all of my friends that might be into such a thing where at an anime convention. I ended up having a bad allergy day anyway.
I was there, too, on Saturday night, sitting towards the back, and it was super. I, for one, would also go back in November if the cast came to perform.
TaraMaclay, I'm with gingeriffic and Bobbi. I'd pay more to see the cast, too. Unfortunately, I have no real free space to offer as place to stay, but if I did, I would! I imagine that with all the Whedon fans in DC, something could be arranged. There are a couple of area Whedonverse meetup groups who could maybe be marshalled, for example. As for passing messages along to Clinton, please add my voice to the chorus of appreciation. He's awesome, a force for the good. I loved when he ran up the aisle with the Bunny head. I loved his all-around enthusiasm. He made an articulate interviewee on NPR's Talk of the Nation, too.

If you actors can't make it down to DC in November, I plan on at some point seeing the NYC show. It sounds awesome.

Hey, gingeriffic, which night did you go and which question did you answer? I went on Saturday, and also yelled out the answer to one of the questions (and sat in back like you did.) Funny.
I am going to see if I can get some of the cast to come down for the November shows - depends on who can make it. Fortunately, train fare to DC is really cheap. We'll just need to find a good place to stay.

That said, I was approached by some folks who wanted to start their own cast in DC. I'm all for it! I'll post something on our website and maybe audition some people in November and then get it local by the next visit.

Get your costumes and dance moves ready!

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