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July 22 2007

Buffy Singalong comes to Tulsa! Showings are this coming Friday and Saturday nights.

So are any whedonesquers in T-Town planning to go to the singalong?
I'm going to the 10:00 showing on Friday!
I live in Memphis, TN and this is the closest Singalong that I can attend, so I'm going to try and drive up for the 10:00 showing on Friday.
That's only three hours away. Sweeeet!
Wicked. If no one minds a geeky and slightly shy tagalong, I'll buy a ticket and go -- but all my Buffy friends live out of town and I hate going to things like this alone. (Provided, of course, that I can still get a ticket.)
I'm going Friday night at 10, and as for geeky, I'm taking my parents with me (they are closet Buffy fans). So no worries, janeway216, you'll be in happy geeky company.
Oh, niftiness. My sister and I are headed, as of about five minutes ago, to the 10 pm Friday showing also. We'll have to exchange e-mails closer to showtime (I'm and figure out how to recognize each other in line. ;-)
This is why we need Whedonesque shirts. :P
This is why we need Whedonesque shirts. :P

I am so buying one of those the next time I order t-shirts. :)
My son and I went last night and it was GREAT! Not as large as the big city shows, but hey, we had a freakin' blast! We're still singing!! THANK YOU!!!

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