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July 22 2007

(SPOILER) TV Guide's Ask Ausiello Fox press tour report. There's some info about Drive and Bones (small spoilers for season 3) and a short Q&A with David, Emily and Hart Hanson.

3:34 pm: Boreanaz admits he wasn't a fan of the Christmas episode, saying, "It felt like one of those Hallmarky shows." He also hated his performance at the end of the Iraq episode.

Did season 2 have a Christmas episode? I haven't seen it yet, only season 1, and I wanna know if he means that one or some future one.
pretty sure he meant the season 1 episode.
Haven't all reporters got the memo at this point? Don't ask DB about Angel. Poor guy. No one will ever let him move on.
I kind of liked the Christmas episode - Hallmarky? How many Hallmarky things feature
I actually agree about the Hallmarkyness of the episode. I thought the same thing when I watched it. It was a little too sentimental for my taste.
Leonard Nimoy once wrote a book called "I Am Not Spock".
Years later he wrote a book called "I Am Spock".

The sooner David accepts that he will always be identified with the show and role of "Angel", the easier it will be for him. That is a good thing for him...a loyal fan base to support him in future projects. That doesn't mean that people aren't willing to see him move on to other roles. But it annoys me to see him make people feel like they asked him something "wrong" just because they mention the show that gave him his start.
DB has always said that he was very grateful for the opportunity that Whedon gave him to play such an incredible role as Angel, and especially for his loyal fans. I think the problem is not DB, but the interviewers that can't seem to move on as they have done for other actors. I think that may be why I liked the Eonline accounting more of the press tour without the Ausiello comments.
With DB on the 'Bones' Christmas episode, too schmaltzy by far IMO (my all time low Christmas ep was probably on 'ER' in one of the earlier seasons where they had sleigh bells at the end, presumably as confirmation that Santa's real. Yeahhh, okkayyyy ;).

I can understand him getting a bit fed up, especially with "Would you consider doing 'Angel' again ?" style questions but that's the way the business works - you're going to be asked about your best known work, especially when it engendered such a devoted fan following. SMG was asked about Buffy on 'This Morning' when she was ostensibly there about opening the Harrods Sale and i'm sure Sean Connery would still be asked about Bond over 3 decades after (officially) being part of that world and numerous film roles later.
Saje ... I thought it was interesting when you mentioned the Bond character, because I recently read an article about Connery in his younger days and the new Bond both doing their best to avoid questions about the James Bond role, because they didn't want to be type cast, not because they weren't appreciative of the role. I guess that puts DB in good company and quite fairly explains his reasons for wanting to keep things in perspective by discussing his present role. It's just nice to know from past interviews that DB has always expressed his appreciation for the role and his fans.
Oh I accept his reasons Kizzy (and I know Connery was keen to distance himself at the time for the reasons you mention - it's also partly why he stopped doing them in the first place), sadly that's not going to matter much to everyone else and I think there're ways and ways of responding. Folk sometimes complain that SMG is too measured, too 'prepared' in interviews but the way she deftly deals with the Buffy question and steers things back in the desired direction is instructive IMO.

(the flip side being that DB is obviously quite a genuine, straightforward sort of bloke and not into 'playing the game' with the press - maybe he should learn though ;)
Saje ... I guess this is one of those agree to disagree. I like that DB doesn't play the game and stays honest. I've never felt insulted as a fan by DB staying on focus in the present. He has acknowledged his appreciation of his past roles and as a working actor he knows the importance of not being type cast. I wish him the best.
I don't think we're really disagreeing Kizzy (OK, except about whether we're disagreeing or not ;), I also appreciate him being straightforward nor felt insulted. I just think he'd make it harder for the press to cast him in a petulant light if he was less obvious about his displeasure and, like it or not, we all have to 'play the game' to some extent - it's part of getting along with other people (especially people you ordinarily might not get along with e.g. people you associate with on a strictly professional basis).

Doesn't have to be dishonest either, it's more like putting on your "game face", something DB should know a fair bit about ;).
I like and agree with your last line, there, Saje. Also the petulant reference. Interesting that you diplomatically blame the media for him coming off like that.

Someone should ask him if he's heard about "Moonlight."

Heh ... Willowy, apparently they did ask him about Moonlight and he said that he didn't know anything about it. ;)

I think one of the reasons David doesn't like Angel questions in a forum like this is because he's there (with the other cast members and producers) to talk about Bones. It would be rude to the others if most of the questions were about Angel. So he just won't answer...
Think about how you would feel if you were at a job you really, really enjoyed and all anyone asked you was about your previous job, making it sound like that job made up your golden years and everything since then has not measured up. I think that DB is just trying to keep going onward with his career - Angel was amazing, but right now he's not Angel, he's Seeley Booth.
To add to HelloSpooky's list of Christmas episode awesomeness... How cool is that? Outweighs all Hallmarkiness in my mind...

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