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July 22 2007

Martin Firrell and Nathan Fillion's "Hero" part two. Add the power of your voice to the world's most important public art project!

This time, it's YOUR voices.

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This is remarkable. I love seeing everyone's contribution become a part of this project... and the subject is so timely, so needed.
Thank you Martin!
I agree, FollowMal. What beautiful, intelligent, impassioned thoughts people sent in! It was so humbling to read the fervor of the voices. But it was also the arrangement and flow that created the power. It was a mix of thoughts made into a cohesive, meaningful whole- as if one person was speaking. Very impressive.

As for Nathan, his "quiet confessions" remark about his father was a golden moment! His sincerity is so real and tangible. He is incredibly compelling.

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Really beautiful, thank you so much!
Please be sure to post your letters for Martin Firrell on his new HERO blog. He'd really like people to post their letters "where they'll be kept forever and are there for everyone to see." This blog will be an historical document, capturing people's feelings and dreams about heroes and the part they play in our lives. It will become an integral part of the project, as Martin cycles the ideas and returns them to the public arena.

HERO Blog:
(Click on the blue "# posts" next to "view all" to leave a comment. Be sure to click "other" before you submit if you want to enter your identity. Otherwise it will be posted as anonymous.)

Posts from more males, as well as veterans, will be greatly appreciated.

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