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July 22 2007

(SPOILER) New Blue Sun travel posters for the 'verse. An exclusive offering at Comic Con.

Quantum Mechanix is going to release a set of Blue Sun Travel Posters, advertising travel opportunities to such destinations as Sihnon, Persephone, and "tranquil Miranda." For those of us who can't, be sure to stop by the California Browncoats booth at A7/A8 for great stuff, wonderful people, amazing giveaways, charity works, and now the most exclusive Serenity item around. Check the California Browncoats site for more info about the weekend.

Hah, I love the spoiler warning.

Alas, I'm sure the 300 sets will be long gone before I arrive in San Diego just before midnight Friday.
Seemed like a good idea >;0)

I am not going, but I saw it mentioned in our NEBrowncoat digest and figured the Whedonesque crew would be a good group to spread the word through!
Woo! I'm actually supposed to have these in hand tomorrow afternoon. And we are updating the website, hopefully tonight if the interweb cooperates with our webmistress and let's her online.

So far I think my favorite is Serenity Valley, but Londinum is probably #1a. They all look great though. Can't wait to see them full size.

And Bix, I'm really glad you think they'll be sold out by Friday. But bring $35 for a set anyway :)

And $20 for a set of mugs.

And an extra $20 (at least) for more donations to St. Jude and extra chances at the prizes.
These are absolutely gorgeous! Oh dear, I'm going to have to plan on bringing a lot more cash than I thought!
There are additional details and some larger pictures of the prints here.
But bring $35... And $20... And an extra $20 (at least)...

I'm going to make this "pick one" and not "select all that apply", seeing as how it's a miracle I'm going to be down there at all. ;)
Ah, but if you just deselect something like, oh, food? Then you're right back to all that apply :)
time to clear some wall space.
Whew. I was worried these would only be sold at ComicCon- a great tragedy for those of us unable to make it to California next weekend. Glad to see they'll be up for sale on their website, just later.
These are spectooshular. I loves 'ems and wants 'ems. They are my new precioussesssss.
OK, for those who haven't seen them much bigger than the pics on SerenityStuff, there's something cool about the Miranda one. It has fold lines. Seriously, it looks like someone folded it and then put it up. I didn't see them on any of the others, so this is just one of those many little things that makes a project like this completely awesome.
The more I look at these the more I like them, I wish they were available as postcards to send to family & friends!
That is some incredible artwork. I will not be at ComicCon to get any of them, but I love the Shinon and the Lodnium ones the most if only because it's they are the most subtle. I could hang em on a wall and to a Browncoat it would be obvious but to everyone else it wouldn't mean a thing.
Ooh. Congrats, Adam, going all exclusive! I've hardly put a thing on the walls of my new place because I've been waiting for these to go in various places of honor. (Just a small note, by the way, Mr. Lexigeek: I do have a finite amount of wallspace. Could you try and slow down the output of awesome?)
Wow. Those are just... wow. I know exactly where that Sihnon print is going in my house.

Beautiful work, Lexigeek.
Visit tranquil Miranda?
Oh, you guys are ill.

But seriously, these are great.
Wow. Those are extremely cool. Masterfully designed.

But it's 'Londinium'.

But they're really great!
The purple one has posted.

The thread will now officially go crazy...
Star Tours eat your heart out. I used to have one of their Yavin posters on my wall when I was a kid, but these are WAY nicer!
Great. So does this mean we have to make "Lexigeek is my masterful designer now" t-shirts? hehehe
But it's 'Londinium'.

But ... but ... the script in the Official Companion says "Londinum!" *ack!*

(And thank you so much!)
Yeah - word on the street was that Fillion guy @#%!ed it up. =p (And ohmigod, Ray, where did you get a Star Tours travel poster? I've always wanted one of those.) (Not as much as I want the Miranda poster in my sunny kitchen, however.)
But ... but ... the script in the Official Companion says "Londinum!" *ack!*

Well, if you believe Wikipedia, Londinum is nothing, but Londinium was an actual term, for Roman London.

violetohara - At Di'neyland, of course! That was many, many moons ago. But if I ever run across it in a box somewhere, it's yours.
Poor Lexigeek. To get it wrong and to be corrected by Jossir himself. Well, ok, that part isn't so bad! These are seriously gorgeous things. I might have to take down one of my Serenity posters, just to make room.

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After the Londinium ones sell out several times, the Londinum ones will become priceless.

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This is like the Independents badge, triangle up or down? Considering you have one way in print, and another on screen and from Joss himself, it's open for debate.

But here's something to think about...What if QMx changes it in time for the regular print run? Then there are 300 special versions you can get at Comic-Con and only from the California Browncoats.

Methinks they'll be pretty rare/collectible if that happens.

And I had a Star Tours poster when I was a kid too. Although I think it was a generic one, not one of the planets.
I was going to post about "Londinium," but some joss guy beat me to it. I figured it was a typo (but didn't know it was wrong in the Companion). I think Mal actually says it right--"king of all Londinium"--but I'll have to listen when I get home. Now the Londinum version will be a big collector's item when the corrected version sells big...

Edit: Ha, then dreamlogic beat to the "when the corrected version sells big" punch. I'm just too gorramn slow.

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Three of us have the same avaricious thought at the same moment. And I thought we were so spiritual.
danregal, I thought the same thing about the browncoat insignia. Original intent versus fan adoption - which will win out in the long run? It's an interesting pop culture question.

(And for those who haven't heard this all before, the costume designer had intended for the star to point up, and it does in most scenes. But thanks to a set dresser's mistake in a few scenes, there's now tons of fan merch that has it upsidedown. Go figure.)
The beauty of the 'verse is that it has moments of inconsistency in it, just like real life. Makes it all that much more shiny than certain other super-squeaky perfect futures invisioned by others. Just my own perspective here. I like my 'verse just a little rough around the edges.

I like the idea of the correction to the next run though. Adds to the veracity >;0)

And Woo-whoo! He of the purple posted! Yes!
First, thanks to Joss for the kind words and the spelling assist! I just got off the phone with the printers, and for the first time in my life got to say "stop the presses!" So, only the sets selling at Comic-Con will have the "Londinum" version of the poster. Which, I think, makes them into instant limited editions ;-)

Hmmm... Dan Regal - you sure $35 is enough?

Just kidding...
No need to kid. eBay would run it up much farther, I'm guessing. Why shouldn't the charity take as much as possible in at an auction just for them?
Meanwhile, I just got a deliciously silly idea for a spoof of these.

oh dear ...

Do what you need to do. Ignore all us scum.
Wow, so we will truly have another Comic-Con/California Browncoat exclusive. It's like the 501st getting their own action figure.

I think we'll be holding a couple sets for just such a purpose dreamlogic, we'll try anything we can to raise more money for charity. But most will be going into Browncoat hands for the regular price. I think it will be fun for a Firefly/Serenity product to create ebay bidding wars like convention exclusives have in the past.

Every few minutes this week is getting more exciting than I anticipated. And I'm also even happier that we got Adam to do a signing on Thursday.
Do what you need to do. Ignore all us scum.

No, I was oh-dear-ing the thought of what bix might be up to. :)
I was oh-dear-ing the thought of what bix might be up to.

Always moving forward, not backward, upward not forward, and always twirling, twirling, twirling towards freedom.
...twirling, twirling, twirling...

I think "oh dear" was way too mild an exclamation.
But an incredibly entertaining image popped into mind... kind of like Wonder Woman spinning... only in all-black... with short hair... and glasses... hmmm... ok, yup, ...oh dear... was far to mild an exclamation!
kind of like Wonder Woman spinning...

Just wait until my Comic-Con announcement of who's playing me in the movie.
Thanks Joss. I noticed on page 12 of the Official Serenity Companion (written by our own Joss), the poster at the bottom of the page, planet on the top right says Londinum. Just sayin' ;-)
theonetruebix: "Just wait until my Comic-Con announcement of who's playing me in the movie."

That's easy - a young Mickey Rourke. We just have to go back in time. I hear mifeng knows how to do that...
That's easy - a young Mickey Rourke.

That's just a rumor. And the casting people inform me that it's unlikely he has ever twirled like Wonder Woman.
Sure, he did it in 'A Prayer for the Dying'. No, wait, i'm thinking of Lynda Carter in 'Wonder Woman'.

Those posters are very nice, they have a kind of art deco look to them, sort of like those old posters for the World's Fair.

And I believe Wikipedia about Londinium because it's true as learned by yours truly from a book (which is what we had before the future) back in the days BW (Before Wikipedia) - I know, I know, dark times indeed. Not sure I believe this Joss guy though, how much do we really know about him ? Is he canonical ?
Londinium swings like a pendulium do -- um, never mind.

I've been rather boggled by seeing Serenity Valley turned into a national park. I'll never look at Gettysburg, or Antietam, etc., the same way again.
I've been rather boggled by seeing Serenity Valley turned into a national park. I'll never look at Gettysburg, or Antietam, etc., the same way again

Having just gotten back from Gettysburg last week, I hear that on one level and feel it is different on a completely different level. It was a visit motivated by The Killer Angels, reputed to be the inspiration for Firefly by he of his purpleness himself. Two teenagers who had known nothing of Gettysburg, but were fans of Firefly, were suitably awed and cowed by the place that is Gettysburg.
AMx Andy--

Any idea when these will be available to the general public? I know I'm going to spend the $35 on the posters and then $300 getting them framed but I still cant wait to get them on my walls. Can you please post when they become available?! Thanks!
And isn't Londinium the latest element they discovered in London? I think it's right next to Adamantium on the periodic table.
QuoterGal, you can't give away all my secrets! (Lovely Assistant, Time Traveler..)
If there's anything in the world I would like to be other than just independently wealthy, it would be a graphic designer so I could make gorjuss stuff like this. All hail Lexigeek.
Beautiful, beautiful work, lexigeek! :) As usual, I might say!
Thanks you guys, that means a lot!
Hey there Alex,

We're still trying to figure that out. With the plate change necessitated by the LONDINUM-LONDINIUM conversion, it might cost us a week or two in additional production time. However, I'm still hoping to get these up on the website in the next 30 days. Stay tuned on that.

Of course, those will be the "Londinium" version. ;-)
New version posted at, side by side with the "one-eye" version.
Gorgeous! I love them, great job lexigeek. I also noticed the Londinum spelling when I first looked at them and just assumed it was incorrect because of the pronunciation. But in addition to the Londinum spelling in the official companion (according to others) I happened to be watching Serenity (pilot) today and noticed that the closed captioning spells it as Londinum as well. So easily made mistake, and you've undoubtedly made people happy at the thought of the Londinum collector's editions. Although closed captioning isn't always to be trusted, (and yes I'm aware that I'm a freakishly weird person for liking to watch tv with the closed captioning or subtitles on) there's one episode that cracks me up because the captioning reads "I'm a rabbit Mal", when the line is of course "Gorramit Mal". And now that I've become frighteningly boring and way off topic I'll leave now. :)
Londinium was the Roman name for London. Common knowledge for anyone who went to an English public school (or studied Latin).
On the patch issue, a reversed American flag is a distress signal. Perhaps the Browncoats took to reversing their insignia when it became clear that the war for independence wasn't going well. How's that for a retcon?
I knew it was Londinium. I knew it. But you just can't argue with the powers that be. On this board.
Beautiful posters. Lovely job.

Just for the record, Londinium being the original Roman name for London is also known by lots of folks in the USA as well. Just for the record.

Uh, madmolly, the folks making these posters are not the powers that be. They are just talented and ridiculously energetic. Politely pointing out an error is also not usually considered arguing here anyway.
Just for the record, Londinium being the original Roman name for London is also known by lots of folks in the USA as well. Just for the record.

Yeah, sure, you say that now. Next you'll be claiming you also have books. S'if. ;-).

Common knowledge for anyone who went to an English public school (or studied Latin).

Or in my case just went to school in public (for the non-UKers, our 'public' schools are actually private and our state schools - i.e. open to the public with no selection criteria except area of residence - are called 'comprehensive' schools. This is largely to screw with foreign people ;).

The upside down flag thing also applies to the Union Flag (it's only the 'Union Jack' when hoist aboard ship) and is a universal distress signal (or a 'sign' that some Cub Scout is gonna get a telling off ;), not just in the US - over here it's also technically a crime against the crown (like defacing the coin of the realm).
Just for the record, Londinium being the original Roman name for London is also known by lots of folks in the USA as well. Just for the record.

And, oddly, was already mentioned in this thread, so it's weird to me that the person to whom you are responding here thought to mention it again. ;)
Those are beautiful. Spelling or no.

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