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July 23 2007

"Bones" in today's IMDB poll. "Bones" is one of the choices for the IMDB "2007 Emmy Poll: What omission from the Outstanding Drama Series nominees irritated you the most?"

I enjoy Bones, but it doesn't come close to the quality of BSG, which, IMO, should definitely have been on the Emmy list.
Anyone thinking what I'm thinking? Starts with a 'D', ends with same?

Emmy voters are pablum-sucking idiots. You have no idea the restraint it took not to cuss just now. >:(
I can't believe Lost is at the top -_-

Its a nice show but over-rated.
Sorry, Friday Night Lights gets my pick. Even over BSG. And I don't even like football!

BTW, the second half of the Lost season sucked me in again, and I thought the season finale was great.
It is criminal that BSG got overlooked. It has my vote.
Friday Night Lights a hundred times over.
Yup, Friday Night Lights for me too. I like Lost, but poor FNL needed a little Emmy boost...
Battlestar Galactica most definitely.
Lost for me. It just wowed me. I just sit back and enjoy the ride. And apart from the first three episodes and Mark Sheppard's storming performance, BSG didn't really grip me this season.
I'm so proud Boston Legal got nommed for the first time. But it would more satisfying to see either BSG or Deadwood on the list.
And apart from the first three episodes and Mark Sheppard's storming performance, BSG didn't really grip me this season.

Wow, not impressed with episode 4 ('Exodus Pt 2') Simon ? The 'hot jump' is one of my favourite TV moments in years. Then there's Ellen/Tigh, Starbuck's stuff, some great Baltar scenes and on ... I think there were some dodgy stand-alones (though the boxing one was good IMO) but it picked up in the second part of the season (Sheppard was brilliant though, talk about screen presence).

BSG's omission is criminal but it's sci-fi so ripe for overlooking (hardly a new thing). Even more criminal (because there's no excuse) is leaving out 'Dexter', great show with stand-out performances, darkly witty scripts and even a metaphysical subtext.

(I also like 'Bones' but the competition's pretty stiff, doesn't quite make the grade IMO)

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