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May 18 2003

Peter David Comments on the eBay Buffy Auction. There's also an update.

And if you haven't checked in the past few days, additional items have been added (not like any of us mere mortals could afford any of them though).

I had a dream last night of winning the California Lotto and buying the costumes with the winnings so I could run a museum that would tour with many of the sci-fi conventions around the U.S. and abroad, but I forgot to buy a ticket on Saturday. Oops. :)

There are now two "Buffy's phone"s listed, and they're identical. I can't believe how much some of that stuff is going for, and no one can possibly remember actually seeing "brass pencil holder" ($560) in the show!

I want Buffy's silver crosses.

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the prices went up too fast too soon because at least half of the bidders are complete noobs. no one with any auction experience bids that often and that high 6 days before an auction ends, my god. i want to shake these stupid kids and scream "for the love of all that is collectable please wait 'til the last hour to put in a bid!" gah.
You mean the crosses that "were worn by Buffy on screen in Episode 16, Season 1 of the television show"? I wonder if that is what the Certificate of Authenticity says too.
I think things that are obviously a part of the show are worth anything. Random outfits - eh.. but maybe the last outfit Buffy wears, Spikes leather coat, those are worth it. Xander's eyepatch, Mr Pointy, that first shirt Faith wore (with the dangly things in the chest area).. things that are seen a lot/well known. Not a half melted candle that was somewhere in the background of some random episode... thats just silly.
Vamp Willow outfit is there, I always loved that outfit---where do these people get the bucks to shell out?
A few of those bidders will be people who run collectors shops.

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