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July 23 2007

Happy Birthday, Charisma! Cordelia turns 37!

Thanks for making Cordy so......Cordy-ish. And, HB.
Happy Birthday Charisma! You beat me to 37 by 13 days. I hope things are well there. See you soon.
You were well named, Charisma--thank you for being Cordelia and you!
I wish someone would give her a job.
Happy Birthday Charisma!!!

I wanna see her in a role using her ethnic heritage. Like playing Sandy in a mini-series of Stirling's novel Conquistador; since I want Seth (assuming he can do an Arkansas accent) playing Roy it could make an interesting visual. (Aly playing Adrienne of course but I don't know nay 6'3" blonde actors with shoulders a yard wide to play Tom.)
Have a very Happy Birthday Charisma!
Wow! 37??!?!?!? Is that a typo? She's doesn't look a day over 27 to me. All those personal trainers and dieticians do wonders. Still, happy birthday Charisma.
Aye, happy birthday to us, fellow cusper. Mom got me a frog, not a real one. A plastic one. On wheels. Odd. Mmhmm. Yeep. And I'm a year older than you are. Green frog. Did I mention the wheels?

They sayyyy it's your birthday,
So, happy-birthday-to-ya!

Luck to you in the coming year. Even better if we're prepared to take advantage of it! Be thee well.
Happy Birthday, Charisma!
Very Happy Birthday C;

We love you, Charisma!


Cordelia is one of my all-time favorite Buffyverse characters. Charisma is a special actress - a truly comedic beauty. Yes, someone please give her a job! TV is the poorer for her wit not being on it.....Happy Birthday, Charisma. Thanks for all the years of laughs (and some lumps in the throat as well, i.e., "You're Welcome.")
Sorry...wrong part of the web.

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