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July 23 2007

Pimp your PC, Buffy-style.

Like WOW! Love the Sycthe on top of the computer, nice touch!
Too funny, I had thought I was bad back when I had replaced all my computer's sound effects with Spike's catch-phrases. And their Slayers' Scythe is WAY cooler than my paper-mache version (and I think it is pretty sweet).
Okay, I think that is one of the coolest Whedonesque links for a while. Sweet!
With thanks to 'pj Angel' for the tip off.
That lass with the fangs is no Buffyverse vamp . . . but I'm still wondering who she is without the fangs *grin. Hubbas.
All I've done to my PC is replace the Windows Default Stop sound with Dawn saying "Holy crap!"

Just admit it Caroline, that's the Whedonesque server, isn't it?
That's awesome. Of course, if I did that to my scythe, my fiance--who bought it for me--would probably kill me...but still, so very, very awesome. :-)
Oh. My. Goddess. (mind boggles)
That's flat out amazing.
Now that's a conversation piece! Very cool--someone clearly put a lot of thought and time into creating this sweet PC. Makes me think: The PC tower in our front room is so dominant, we should really make it something worth looking at.
Holy crap, even the fans have Buffy silhouettes in front of them! That’s wicked sweet.
Omg, that is one helluva...what exactly IS this thing? It's a beast, isn't it? Surely it goes "grrr...grrr...arrgghh!" when starting up!

I'm not into that stuff (pimping up computers) myself, but I can appreciate the hard work that must have gone into it, and it does indeed look cool.
I want to do something similar with my new car. Pretty sweet.
Just wow.
I think that a scythe coming out of the top of your car would make an excellent statement, death is my gift!
Well, that's necessary.
That is awesome! My favorite was the demon head peeking out until I looked through the pictures a second time and saw the Buffy cutout silhouettes on the fans. Nice touches all around.
Well, that's pretty.
Love the Scythe, it's really great.
And the Buffy silhouettes are sooo cool!
Very nice case mod (and a very nice setup - liquid cooling, multiple fans, I suspect some over-clocking may be occurring ;).

Bet it sounds like a frikkin' Jumbo jet though, not exactly what you want sitting in the lounge IMO but huge geek cred nonetheless.
Yeah, I'm into pimping out PCs, but I always boggle at the lengths people go to :) Love seeing the pics, though, and the [H] forums is a 'place' I've hung out even longer than I've been at the big W. I'm more into the overclocking side than the modding side. Reminds me I really need to test FSB scaling on the P30 BIOS on my 680i SLI. Right now I'm only running (I say only...) my e6300 Core2Duo at 3.15ghz (natively a 1.86ghz part). That's on air cooling however, and this thing is watercooled which makes it fairly quiet, plus the fans look like 120mm which would make them less noisy. If they went a little less flashy they could quiet it down a little mroe by switching to S-Flex or Panaflo fans, which are incredibly quiet.
Can anybody read the text written in the side of the case in this picture:

It's to the left of the Gentlemen head on the right side of the case. Just can't seem to make it out...

Wonder what OS it's running? A custom Linux distro called "Buffix", maybe?
Personally I'm hoping its the Gentlemen nursery rhyme :) Since they list 3dmark/Aquamark numbers (and usually modding/oc'ing of this extent is a gamer related thing), its gotta be XP/Vista. We should make a Buffix distro, however ;) That is fucking sweet.

Unplugged wants.
Just echo-ing the "that's amazing" comments. And the Buffy cutout silhouettes on the fans are my favorite part, I think.

And a sidenote: I think I have that very same TV in the last pic. I love my 60" Grand WEGA (his name is Bruce).
We should make a Buffix distro, however ;)

Or 'Buffuntu', (cod) Swahili for "I am what I am because of who Buffy is" ;).

I think the text might be specs (it's laid out quite similarly to the stuff at the bottom of the page). Judging by the "PDXLAN" display (and rig in general) the modder's pretty into LAN Partying and I can see how specs 'published' for all to see might be a sort of badge of honour (and conversation starter).

The gentlemen's rhyme would rule too though, I sort of hope it is that ;).

Never really done much in the way of modding - except cork panels and large/slow fans for noise though I used to over-clock back when it had practical benefits - i.e. processors cost about £400 by themselves* and over-clocking involved HB pencils to bridge contacts - rather than just being expensive fun and I still tweak when bored (Oooerrr Missus ;). When I started considering Peltier cooling I figured i'd better get out now while I still could - same reason i've never really played Evercrack. I know what i'm like ;).

* which also made over-clocking somewhat, err, exciting ;)
One BDPC for sure.
Now I want one with Serenity landing on top!

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I too liked the look of those B silhouettes, and it sure does look appropriately Hellmouthy!

Now if he could just find a way to hide all those unsightly cords.

One question from an admittedly knowledge-free person regarding PCs - why is it so huge?
Probably so (s)he can fit all the heatsinks, liquid cooling, fans, etc. Willowy. They also have 2 terrabytes of HD space which, last time I checked, means (at least) 4 separate drives as well as a couple of LCD screens embedded in the side of the case.

(the actual guts of the PC fits into the middle third of the case as can be seen in the photo just under the 'removed due to high bandwidth' notice)
Ah, thanks Saje. Lurning is teh gud thing. ;)
over-clocking involved HB pencils to bridge contacts

I remember that action :) I also remember taking a Celeron 300a to 450mhz! Hey, at the time it was screaming fast (and I was playing EverCrack at the time...).
I thought for sure someone was going to answer Willowy's inquiry with, "scythe matters."

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Holy crap, even the fans have Buffy silhouettes in front of them! Thatís wicked sweet.

Gotta admit, this comment initially had me going back and looking for people wearing "I love Buffy" buttons, or something of that ilk, with Buffy silhouettes in front of them. Sort of more the Xander type when it comes to computer geekness.
Heh, too deep into the 'wrong' side of my brain to see that one alexreager, LOL ;).

And zeitgeist, part of me still sees that as screaming fast. 33 Mhz and drooling over a mate's 40 Meg hard drive seems like only yesterday ;). Now 2 Gig USB sticks are ten-a-penny and I routinely wander around with more storage space in my pocket than my first PC plus all my previous machines combined could muster. Mad world.

(and no probs BTW Willowy, if information wants to be free then i'm its guy on the outside, a facilitator if you will. Like Steve McQueen's motorbike ;)
i recall a TI-99 4/A with a cassette and a phone-coupler old-skool Wargames modem... ;)

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