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July 23 2007

Buffy Season Eight #5 shipping July 25? According to Diamond, Buffy Season Eight #5 will ship the 25th of July, one week earlier then the original release date.

Last week Dave at Nova Comics told me that Buffy would arrive "next week." Perhaps this is true. I'm so happy!
Well, that's something I can bring to San Diego.
ETA: Dark Horse still says they will be available August first.

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I think maybe Dark Horse wanted the latest issue on hand for Comic-Con.
My LCS also has it on its list for the 25th.
TFAW lists the Pub Date as 7/25 too. It still won't be shipped out until 8/15, grrr! And that's why I canceled my Buffy subscription with them. Comics stores aren't nearly as scary as getting my books 2 weeks late every month -- and for $9 at that.

Edited due to stupid typo. Grrr!

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Does make sense to get it out for comicon, especially given it's a stand-alone and by Joss it might get people to give 'Season 8' a try (and it gives him something bang up to date to sign).

There're about 3 Warren Ellis titles (plus his novel) out this week, possibly for similar reasons.

Here's hoping it really is out, nice surprise.

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Yeah, my comics shop sent me this week's pull list...and Buffy was indeed listed. I was shocked, and went to Dark Horse's site only to see that they still listed it as 8/1.

But apparently, from everything I see here, this is no fluke, and I will be getting my ish tomorrow. Thank God for this place, you know?
Buffy Iss. 5 out tomorrow??? That's just... neat!!!
Sweeeet. Harry Potter and Buffy in the same week. My brain is going to go into story withdrawal after all this reading goodness packed into a few days.
TFAW lists the Pub Date as 7/25 too. It still won't be shipped out until 8/15, grrr!

Are you sure about that? I received an email from TFAW today saying that they are preparing my order for shipment - they don't normally do that so far in advance.
Ruadh-TFAW has been frantically packing and shipping Buffy #5 out ever since we received them yesterday, that is why you got the email. Enjoy!

Just to clarify, we don't wait 2 weeks to ship anything at In stock orders usually ship a day or two after they're taken, and we start packing pre-orders (such as Buffy Season 8) the moment we get them, so the previous post to the contrary isn't accurate.

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