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July 23 2007

Dark Horse Announces Joss Whedon at Comic-Con Booth Saturday. Joss, George Jeanty and Andy Owens (who also worked on "Fray") will be appearing at the booth Saturday, July 28th. Joss' appearance is a ticketed event, however.

I'd like to take this moment to tell all the Comic Con attendees how much I deeply envy you all. Every one of you. Even the ones with the lousy cross-town motel reservations.
Even the ones with the lousy cross-town motel reservations.

Envy me, too, who has no hotel reservations, and still has to arrange a floor to sleep on for Saturday night.
Even Bix? Cause he doesn't even have crappy cross town reservations :)

And for all those being envied, put a little good karma on your side and come donate some money in our fundraiser (tables A7/A8). Or buy a mug, either one helps out the kids at St. Judes.

If you are new to the ticketed event thing, usually they hand them out first thing in the morning until they are gone. So that means rushing to the Dark Horse booth. But I would also suggest asking them as early as Wednesday if you are there for preview night, you never know what games they'll play with those tickets. Better to know than show up on Saturday uninformed.

ETA: Dammit, too slow again! Bix you fiend!

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All who are interested in this need to be made aware of the investment opportunity that has just emerged because of the Joss post on the thread about posters below.
Aww, Suck. Even if I managed to get a signing ticket, I'll have to camp out in the hall to get a good seat for Joss' Q&A, hence missing the signing...why couldn't they do it AFTER the Q&A?! Come on, peeps!!
*cries like a baby, a hungry, angry, misspelled-poster- and signature-deprived baby*

But really, I'm just thankful mifeng was open to coffee cup bribes. ;) Let's hope she wins some swag out of it!
She is? Why didn't I know this?
This just makes the weekend even better.
For those, not me, who are going. We want full reports please.
Owens did work in a lot of the Buffyverse comics, even prior to Fray.

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