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July 24 2007

Carl Ellsworth to adapt Brian K. Vaughan's 'Y: The Last Man' for the big screen. Or in other words, Buffy season 2 writer to write movie which comes from a comic book written by a Buffy season 8 writer. Phew. And now the circle is complete.

Duuuude, awesome.

Wait! BKV wrote some of the Buffy comic?? Dear God, I need to get around to reading those. And, er, finishing Y.
Hmm, sure I remember reading somewhere that BKV was working on a draft himself. Wonder what happened there ?

(and he's writing the 'Faith' arc Polter-Cow, issues 6-9 of 'Season 8', due out from September onwards)
Saje is correct. He's faithed up.
I'm reading Y: The Last Man in TPB form (I've been reading lots of BKV stuff lately, he truly is one of the greats) and I immediately thought "here's something that would work terrifically as a tv series". A movie's not the same, of course, and it won't be able to do justice to the grand scheme of things in the comics (especially the ongoing mysteries and storythreads), but still, it's great news. Y: The Last Man deserves a bigger audience and I'm looking forward to seeing a movie based on it.
I'm very curious to know how they are going to do a movie based on what is going to be a 60 issue series. That's a lot of story to cram into 2 hours or so. And assuming they split it I'm left wondering where in the story is the first cut off point?

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I don't enjoy his work all that much, really.

(edited because of tone, I guess. Sorry, zeitgeist.)

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dark_tyler, bring it down a notch, please.
While I think Y: The Last Man would be better served as a TV series so viewers wouldn't miss a beat from the wonderful comics, I agree that a wider audience deserves to see Yorick, Agent 355, Dr. Mann, Ampersand, Hero, and all the other rich characters from BKV and Pia's world.
I think they'll mainly just adapt the premise plus the bigger story beats (sister, Beth, etc.).

It'd make a cracking mini-series too, in fact in some ways i'd rather that than a TV show since a) we wouldn't have to worry about it being cancelled and b) the intensity of the 'apocalypse' could be maintained. Or maybe I just remember how much better 'V' the mini-series was compared to the ongoing ;).

(i'll miss the art if/when it gets to screen though)
I keep flipping thorough issues of Y: The Last Man at my comic book shop with recommendations from this site echoing in my mind. And then I read a page and put the issue back. It just never appeals to me. I may eventually try the first TPB to give it a fair shot. I know it's hard to judge by a few pages. And if I'm too slow, it's good to know I can try the movie instead.

"Faithed up" will now be adopted into my personal lexicon, if a lexicon can include phrases.
I'm lamenting it being only a single movie. That's barely a taste! This one does deserve a bigger audience, I'm agreed with everyone on that point. Maybe it'll draw a few people into comic books. They'll find this, and then wander over to Runaways, and then Buffy... or, maybe straight to Buffy...

Yeah, I know. That's a stretch.
Oh, too bad. I was really looking forward to seeing how BKV would adapt his own work for the screen.
the good thing: y - the last man gets to be a movie, the bad thing: not brian writing at, and it's not a tv-series...

well. I'll be looking forward the movie until I read the first scorcher...
Sunfire - go to the Vertigo site and you can download the first issue of Y for free. Y is seriously the best comic series I've ever had the privilege of reading, and that includes all of Whedon's stuff. (Sorry, Joss)
I began to read Y and have a few of the TPB but it isn't one of my ultimate favorites. A movie will be interesting, but I think very difficult.
Thanks Saturn Girl!
Y is kind of a slow burn IMO, not a quick grab but it had me totally hooked by "One Small Step" (the 3rd trade) and obviously did enough to keep me reading up to there. The female characters are so well written without being put on a pedestal and it tackles gender politics just about as head-on as it can be done I reckon.

'Ex Machina' probably pips it from BKV's stuff for me though. Despite loving post-apocalyptic fiction I think the "almost our world" of Ex is more resonant (and in its own way it's also post-apocalyptic).
It's been known since quite early on that #60 would be the end. Or dya mean that it's a double issue (cos I didn't know that) ?

(I don't think the fact that it's "awesome" is newsworthy, kinda knew that anyway ;)

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