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July 24 2007

Happy Birthday, Summer Glau! Serenity and Firefly's favorite Psychic Enigma turns 26 today. All the best, Summer.

Well, happy Birthday Summer! She's been a fixture on my screen for quite some time now (recently saw her stint on 'The Unit' where she was, again, great as always). Looking forward to the Sarah Conner Chronicles, but I'm still hoping she'll get to do another major motion picture sometime in the future. But untill that happens, I'm more than happy to keep seeing her on the small screen.

Also: 26? Whee, Summer and I are the same age (for, like, less than a week, seeing as I turn 27 on Saturday, but still ;-)).
I hope you have a wonderful day, Summer Glau!

Many Happy Returns
Happy birthday, Summer!

You are the awesomest actress I know that could kill me with their brain. ;-)
That's odd (and cool)! Summer Glau's one day older than me...
Happy birthday! Hopefully you'll have a great time (and kick some serious ass in the Sarah Connor Chronicles!)
Happy Birthday Summer!
Congratulations on the Sarah Connor Chronicles too!
Happy Birthday Summer!
Happy Birthday, Summer!
happy birthday, summer! (although now i feel old cos my birthday is today but i have a good decade on her)
Happy birthday Summer! I wish you cake and presents and happy memories.
Happy birthday, Summer!
RIVER: "Day" is a vestigial mode of time measurement based on solar cycles. It's not applicable. (beat) I didn't get you anything.

Have a very shiny birthday.
She can kick my butt anytime!

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