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July 24 2007

How to keep your shows on the air. Comic strip mentions a few favorites.

I love Greek too. Such a great show for the summer months.
Makes sense to me. There were so many shows I fell in love with only to have the production canned because "Joe Sixpack" wasn't watching.

I gotta tell ya, I want to know where this slob lives. He needs me to bring over my knowledge ray and zap him for a few hours, raising his IQ. I'm sick of what his mushed-up, beer-and-cigaretted brain likes to consume.

This so called "Reality TV?" Gimme a break. It's cheap, total garbage.
I wouldn't go so far as to say that I love Greek but I am really impressed with it. You wouldn't typically thing of ABC Family as having something that is this "edgy" with all the drinking and sex and such but well there it is. I thought for sure I was the only one watching.
Heck, I've been saying since 1994 I don't want to follow any new shows.
It's hard, but it must be done for the good of all.
The useful thing about living in Australia is that once we get US shows imported, they're usually guaranteed to keep on going.

Unfortunately, this means I'll never get to see those episodes of Drive...

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