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July 24 2007

10 TV Shows That Should be Films. Premiere lists 10 shows that deserve (or might just fare better) on the big screen. Some Drive love, or possibly pity, and a rather unfortunate Serenity mention.

How exactly would Veronica Mars work better on the big screen? The concept seems perfectly fitted to the small screen: mini-arcs and season-long arcs, huge cast of recurring characters, slow but steady character development.
Good point made about Flight of the Conchords anyway. They rock - or, rather, folk - and should have their own movie. I've loved them since I saw them performing "Business Time" on Late Night with Conan O'Brien.
New Zealand. Like Lord of the Rings.

Flight of the Conchords is great! Murray cracks me up the most.
It seemed to me like one of those articles where the writer came up with the idea based on a couple of series and then realised that it needed to be fleshed out with another eight examples. Only problem being that most of them made no sense whatsoever.

Based on the logic used we may as well give up on ongoing series altogether because it seems that expecting any concept to stretch for longer than an hour or two is asking too much. I can kinda see where Drive and Prison Break were ideas that better suited a movie or mini-series but the rest are all (or were all, in some cases) brilliant shows that more than deserve ongoing status.

A perfect example being Lost. What is it about the show that has people so desperate for the big reveal? Sure, you could tell the story in an hour or two, I guess, but getting to know all the characters would be a hell of a lot less interesting. I'm in absolutely no rush to get to the end because when we do then we also say goodbye to characters that mean a lot to me, which is a lot more important than knowing exactly why things are happening on the island. I'm watching for the whole story, not just the final chapter.
Apparently I'm blind. Which bit is the Serenity reference in?
It's in the slideshow - next to the Veronica Mars photo:

"Veronica Mars: Not so much as a quality control issue, but more for survival. Veronica Mars has struggled to stay on the air from the get-go, so maybe a movie about a teen sleuth would play better and find a more accepting audience on the big screen. Look at Serenity (okay, bad example.)"

ETA: punctuation. Just 'cause they didn't have any doesn't mean I hafta follow suit. "Oh, if all your friends didn't use punctuation, would you have to dump it, too?"

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That was a horrible article; the person simply ran out of ideas and stretched, stretched, stretched. The only reason they put Smallville on there because they wanted another opportunity to bash Superman Returns. What a ridiculous idea. Its obvious that THAT was Warner Bros re-starting the franchise not to mention calling Returns a soap-opera compared to Smallville is hilarious.

As far as a Veronica Mars movie, the best course of action would be their going ahead a couple years with her working at the FBI.

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Congratulations to the author, who seems to have entirely missed the point re. the episodic nature of tv dramas. And really, a 'Smallville' movie? Can you imagine? Oh, I know it's just a filler article not meant to be taken seriously, but it still annoys me that someone out there gets paid to write such lazy copy.

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