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July 24 2007

(SPOILER) Preview for Buffy #5. Six pages (plus all the covers) which will whet your appetite for the next issue of Buffy season 8.

Looks really interesting.Sounds like this is the underground decoy.
Nice use of the characters from "Tales of the Slayers" in that final page.
Can someone please explain the cover to me? No matter how many times I look at it, I still can't figure out what she's doing... pulling off a mask (would make sense, actually)? I feel dense, but there it is...
If it's that "personally important" to Joss then she probably gets, bitter? Nah!
Yes, I think she's pulling off a Buffy mask, Kirochka.

Oooo this issue looks very interesting. So is The Chain the chain of Slayer descent or something else?
A callback to the medieval slayer in white from "Righteous"!

Hers was not the happiest Tale of the Slayers, but IMHO the best.

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SWEET. much as I've enjoyed the book so far, it's been in kind of nonstop epic widescreen mode. this takes us back a little closer to Sunnydale, as it were. and I frickin' love the fairy.
Is the slayer in the final panel Rona? Or the first slayer?
Giles! The Faerie's cool, I had to read the egg line twice.The demon has the look of the demons from the show, only a bit more extreme.

I'd say it's Rona, could be neither though.

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Hmmm. I'll read the egg line again--didn't get it.
And I agree with annagranfors. I like being in one person's perspective, the "close-up" view feeling.
Can't wait to get this!
Kirochka, the cover is related to the first issue when Buffy tells that there are three of her now. The girl taking away the mask should be one of the "three slayers" around the world wearing a Buffy's face.
Good stuff.

And just in case we all forget...remember, the ish is shipping tomorrow, a week early! that for sure, UnpluggedCrazy?!
Wow, "Here's how it works" ... "You don't get a choice" ? Seems like this ish might be addressing some of the biggies about the empowerment spell, given the reversal of Buffy's big 'choice' speech from 'Chosen'. Hope so (and I already like her, and her definitely-non-egg-laying faerie).

Shame she's probably shortly for the shuffle but then it's all down to how you go. Not gentle i'm thinking in her case ;).

So is The Chain the chain of Slayer descent or something else?

Guess so but then it's also probably the 'chain' of obligation, of responsibility that comes with Slayerdom. And maybe the 'weak link' connotation comes into it too ? Given those that went before, you'd want to acquit yourself well I reckon (hey, no pressure but she did save the world. A lot ;).
I'm liking this Paul Lee guy's stuff a lot. Wouldn't mind at all if he took over for like, the rest of the series. No? Well okay...
I don't get the egg line either. I just read it again, thinking it'd make more sense after a second pass, but it doesn't.

Hrmm. Multiple meanings of chain. That does make sense. Or, it's a Fleetwood Mac reference. I vote for A.
Maybe the egg line will make more sense later on in the issue, when the fairy sidekick person is presumably explained.
This just made me hungrier. =(
I'm liking this Paul Lee guy's stuff a lot. Wouldn't mind at all if he took over for like, the rest of the series. No? Well okay...

You should check some of the work he did on the old run of the comics. Really great, especially as he worked with some fun writers. His covers were cool also, sometimes just as gorgeous as Joan Chen's ones.
Chris inVirginia, it certainly is. There's a thread about it here on Whedonesque but it got bumped off the front page.

I called my comics ship to corroborate, and indeed it is shipping tomorrow...
I thought the egg line was pretty self explanatory. Does that mean I'm making it too simple and missing something I didn't realize I was missing?
me too, newcj--I mean, it may turn out to be a major story point, although unlikely in a one-off, but I just read it as a funny way of getting Buffy to do a take.
...and to undermine the image of sweet little fairies. Don't forget the undermining, annagranfors. ;-)
I'm thinking The Chain = the chain letter with all the negative effects that it can have.

I'm also wondering if this standalone issue will be seen as the comic book equivalent of The Body or Hush.
Hey, there're no negative effects if you DON'T BREAK THE CHAIN ! Otherwise, true, all manner of bad. But who's to blame, hmm ?

Or option two: don't be superstitious ;).

Also don't see the issue with the egg line. It's a gross thing the faerie did which upon seeing "Buffy"'s reaction she regrets mentioning and backpedals on in amusing fashion. Pretty standard sort of joke really (it's kind of like "Or so i've been told" after statements implying you do something really weird/gross/embarrassing). Course, maybe it is a big story point, doubt it though.
Is "The Chain," like "The Long Way Home," perhaps a reference to a pop song of Joss's youth? A Fleetwood Mac
quote? "Damn your lies . . . Down comes the night/Run in the shadows . . . Damn the dark/Damn the night . . . I can still hear you saying/You would never break the chain." ("Take the Long Way Home" was the title of a Supertramp song.)
Thanks, Sunfire and rua1412 - it was as I was typing my message that I suddenly realized it was probably a mask. Every time up until then that I'd looked at the cover, I'd seen it as Buffy pulling back on a bowstring... without seeing the bow or string!

And ewwww... Supertramp. Them and Styx... two bands from my youth (I'm two years older than Joss) that I. Just. Can't. Stand.
The Slayer disguised as Buffy has broken a chain letter which was, because it is the Buffyverse, actually cursed? Oh no! Now she will die. :(
So has anyone got a hold of the issue yet?
Yup, I have procured and read this issue, and am dying to discuss it. Anyone else?
I just finished it. It was sad.
I thought it was pretty good.

1. The Vi/Andrew commercial was awesome.
2. Who are the women to the sides of Giles at the lectern? Rona and someone?
3. Who is Janie Kleinman?
Isn't Janie Kleinman the winner of the essay contest? Edited to add: No, it isn't. Robin Balzer is the winner of the essay contest. I should have checked before posting. Interesting. I had thought that Balzer would be making some sort of an "appearance" in this issue. Either I missed it, or that will come later.

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No, I checked -- that's Robin Balzer.
I have the issue but won't be able to really read it in detail until tonight.I did flip though it and can't wait to really dig into it tonight.

The essay winner will be in issue 10 which is the next standalone story.

I did see in the letter column that the next month break will be between issue 9 and 10.The end of the next arc and the next standalone by Joss just like with The Long Way Home and this issue.The good news is that they don't plan to have another break between issues for the next year following that.

Also as suspected,the reason this issue was released a week early was because of comic con.Dark Horse wanted the issue out this week so people could take it to Comic Con to get it signed by Joss.
Well, maybe Janie Kleinman's the fake Buffy's name. Or someone Joss knows who labors (or labored) anonymously but heroically?

Joss nailed Andrew this time. I can hear his voice as I'm looking at the ad. Don't understand why the scoobs would actually use the ad, but I can totally see Andrew making it. And that's a great likeness of Vi, my favorite Potential.

It's hard to feel too strongly about the fate of someone you don't know, so I don't see this issue as all that powerful, emotionally. Then again, I don't want Joss killing somebody I love to get that emotional power, so a general mild sadness and admiration will have to do.

I haven't decided yet whether the messagy stuff overshadows the story, but there's some nice lines in there in any case. Better than the fourth, for me, but not as gripping as the first three, and probably not meant to be.

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Alas, my calls to 1-800-CHOSEN-1 have been met with a busy signal. Has anyone else tried to get through?
Edited to remove spoilers. I'll wait to discuss this issue until a thread for it has been launched.

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I gotta say I prefer Paul Lee's art to Georges Jeanty's, and not just because I immediately recognized Vi. But that's just a matter of personal preference, of course.

shambleau, I think I may agree with you in the placement of the issue in term of favorites. And even though we have no history with the decoy slayer, it's hard not to feel the underlying pathos of someone buying into the cause so completely but remaining nameless throughout.
I'll wait to discuss this issue until a thread for it has been launched.

Yeah, me too. Even though this a a spoiler thread, the discussion thread ususally goes to a review. So somebody find a review!
Funny you should say that.
Must avoid spoilers! My copy is just now shipping from TFAW...

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