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July 24 2007

Southland Tales release date Nov. 9. Finally!

I used to be excited for this, since I love Donnie Darko, but then I read the Two Roads Diverge prequel comic for this and...yeesh. The less said about it the better.
I was just going to post this! I'm bit wary of this movie, but still curious enough due to SMG and loving Donnie Darko.
If by some miracle this actually comes to a theater near me, I'll go. I've read all the reviews, I paid attention to the response at Cannes, and I just know to go expecting nothing. Preconceived notions are usually a bad thing anyway.

But more likely, it won't come anywhere near my area of the states (damn redneck mountain towns) and Southland Tales will languish in my Netflix queue for the next year. Sigh.
For that date, I guess it'll appear down here in festival circuit, before appearing or either disappearing in the commercial circuit. I enjoyed Donnie Darko, but I had trouble with some of the other projects Kelly was involved in. But I agree with the no pre-conceptions thing, being a good thing for this movie.
Well, it's about time.

I've actually read nothing positive about this, but I love Donnie Darko...and, yeah, the director's cut of that flick was good but sorta lost the point of the original cut. So I've no idea what to expect.

Except for Kevin Smith as legless Iraq war vet and SMG as a porn star. The combined effect of both alone encourages me to go.
There's no official word on the kind of release yet, but since it's Samuel Goldwyn Company, it will surely be limited. The sooner it's out though, the sooner to everybody's Netflix.
I'm still looking forward to it.
So am I, Zoic_Fan.

I'm glad it's getting released, even if it may be limited.
I'm still looking forward to Southland Tales. I think that perhaps that being re-edited might be to the film's benefit. I'm hoping the story will be more streamlined and coherent than it apparently was in the original cut.

I still think the premise sounds brilliantly bizarre, and there are a lot of talented people involved so I think it could be worth watching. And at least if it's not perfect, someone tried to do something original and thought-provoking even if they didn't exactly triumph, rather than doing a remake or adaptation from a book, comic or a computer game.
I found DD to be wildly inconsistent in tone, but since that appeared to be a great deal of the point, it ultimately works on its own terms. That said, if that general free-for-all strategy is going to be what Richard Kelly brings to the table, his output will quickly cross over from groundbreaking to migrane-inducing.

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