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July 25 2007

You can help stroke James Marsters, well his ego anyway. Over on a Marsters' fan site, a fan is putting together a photo book to give to James at Dragon*Con for his Birthday. She's looking for submissions of photos of James taken by fans, as well as some James stories to add to the book.

[ edited by RavenU on 2007-07-25 03:16 ]

I just sent a couple of photos I took of him in a couple of cons in Northern California a couple of yeas ago. I hope they enjoy them.
Um, I think you might mean "James Marsters' ego." Because the other way it sounds like, "you can help stroke James Marsters" and that he's James Marsters, ego in a John Johnson, MD way.

Anyway, I wish I had a picture to contribute. I hope they get this all together and James likes the book.
As funny as that headline is, it doesn't make sense grammatically. ;)
I was going for the funny not the grammatically. I altered it to fix it a bit.
There should be a lot of materiel out there. God knows James has range and a lot of people have taken a lot of photos. Not me of course. I rather take snapshots in my memory. That way I can touch them up whenever I like. Pity I can't share them with anybody else.

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