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July 24 2007

SyFy Portal Genre Awards Voting Begins. On the ballot are, Nathan Fillion, and Doug Jones.

Vote early and often from now through August 25. Very tough choices this year!

I could only vote for Whedonesque, of those. I didn't see Nathan in Lost because, I just can't watch Lost anymore. It's a thing. As great as Doug Jones was, I had to vote for Clive Owen. I'm still bitter about how under-recognized Children of Men was.
There are very few categories where the choices are easy. Whedonesque is the easy vote. "Children of Men" is an easy one. Nathan Fillion up against Christopher Eccleston (twice!) and George Takei? Not so easy. Most of the TV acting categories are really hard this year.
Several times I had to go through a process of elimination, rather than knowing right off which was best. Supporting actor and actress was really hard this year because so many of the actors and actresses listed could have been nominated for best actor or actress instead. I consider Terri O'Quinn to be equal billing with Matthew Fox on Lost -- same with James Callis and EJ Olmos on BSG. Any one of the 3 supporting actresses for BSG could have traded places with Mary McDonnell, yet I still didn't vote for any of them because I thought Mitchell did a fabulous job in a hellish role. It was a wonderful year for great TV (even if it was a bit uneven at times).
That wasn't easy, and not entirely due to having too many choices.

In the television categories it was difficult because of my big love for both Lost and Battlestar Galactica. Too damn hard to choose between the quality of acting there. The only obvious one for me was for Terry O'Quinn as Best Supporting Actor (the guy is one of my favourite actors, pretty much ever) but even then I had to not choose James Callis and Michael Hogan, both very deserving. I get a nasty feeling that Joe Flanigan is going to come a very poor fifth in Best Actor simply because of the competition he is up against and that is really not deserved.

Best Special Guest had to be the mighty Richard Dean Anderson. That was probably my favourite episode of either Stargate show last year. Brought a whole new dimension to FarGate.

Best Movie (and all the movie categories) were difficult simply because I haven't seen any of them. I'm really not much of a movie fan outside of those based on concepts I already like (which means the chances of me watching anything Superman at all based are slim). I went for Pirates based on my opinion of the first two. Not entirely fair but it was pretty much the only way I could choose one.

Finally, as deserving as any of the other four may be, there isn't anyone else I can imagine who would be more deserving of this year's Roddenberry award than the brilliant James Doohan. Legend. Sorely missed.
Whedonesque was easy, as was voting for Masa Oki. I think he's brillant. But it was hard not to give George Takei a nostalgia vote even though I think he was very stiff and unconvincing in Heroes. Luckily I have a good alternative in that category.
They. Are just. Wrong. On many levels.

How the hell am I supposed to choose between Christopher Eccleston and David Tennant? That's like choosing which arm you're going to cut off. And choosing between "Company Man" and "The Parting Of The Ways"? Evil. Just evil.

*sigh* Looks like I'll be alternating my votes again this year.
That was fairly easy for me. BSG in pretty much all the TV and acting categories with Clive Owen and the fantastic Ivana Baquero filling in the rest. I don't know where foreign directors find these amazing young actors , while US TV and film gets stuck with the Olsen twins etc.

[For another brilliant performance from a young girl see Jean-Pierre Jeunett's (Amélie, Delicatessen) La Cité des Enfants Perdus. It also features Ron Perlman acting in French and some incredible sets and production design. Movie doesn't make a lick of sense but it's a visual feast and the young girl is amazing.]

The rest of my votes went pretty much to Pans Labyrinth and Children of Men. I was really disappointed that neither snuck into the best film category at the Oscars last year. I loved the Queen and Little Miss Sunshine and liked Babel but I didn't think any of them were superior to the other two.

At vote for Nathan although I could have gone with RDA and a vote for Whedonesqe and it was time to call it a day. I actually wish some of the categories had been harder. I like Dr. Who but don't find it spectacular, gave up on Lost after Season 1 and have never caught the Heroes bug.

I'm looking hopefully at some of the new genre entries this fall. I need some new shows.

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If even a fraction of the genre shows that are coming out survive next year, the choices are going to be even harder.

And for 2008, how much do you want to bet Zachary Quinto will be on there for "Star Trek?"
Nebula1400, I saw that he's down for Spock, but have you heard anything about Bones or Kirk? I can't find anything further other than confirmation of ZQ for Spock.

And no Sophie's Choices for me in the voting. All the categories were pretty easy.
Having to choose between Doctor Who, BSG, and Heroes is just... unfair.
Willowy: J.J. Abrams is going to announce the rest of the Star Trek cast tomorrow at Comic-Con. I wish I knew who the rest were, too, but I don't think they have co-stars on a hit series who can't keep their mouths shut! :)
Well, maybe they can find someone better than Matt Damon (who said he thinks he's "too old" for the part) for Kirk, but my feeling is they're gonna be hard-pressed to find a better Bones than Gary Sinise.

Thanks for the information, Nebula1400. I'm sure the announcement will be on AICN tomorrow... - Hey! You know what just occured to me? Blucas would be GREAT as Kirk!! All roundy and sorta studly. Riley's even from Iowa!

/End topic hijack/ - sorry, gang!
I voted and then it came up with a blank page with portal stuff on the side and top I think. Did everyone else get that? Or did you get a vote submitted or something?

I didn't vote for a couple of things I had no idea on. Do you have to vote every item?
i swear i dont get some of these nominations. what's with Christoper Eccleston getting a nod for Doctor Who? he's been out of the show for almost two years. Unless there was a glitch and he wasn't previously nominated when he should have been, its unfair to people who currently on shows. his Heroes nods make sense, his Doctor one doesn't.

And sometimes i think they're just clutching at straws with the nominations. Ali Larter? Brandon Routh? There's just no getting past those. Ali Larter is abominably bad, and Brandon Routh is so stiff he could be a load-bearing wall.

One other thing. Does SyFyPortal ever have awards for some of the technical categories like direction, editing, cinematography etc?

And of course i voted for Whedonesque.
Hi, Vocah!

Great questions, by the way. :)

Our nomination process includes shows and movies that make their AMERICAN debut between June 1, 2006 and May 31, 2007. Eccleston is included because SciFi Channel aired some first season 'Doctor Who' episodes (the last part of the season) after June 1, thus making him eligible. David Tennant also is eligible, because SciFi Channel showed the second season during the eligibility period as well.

And just to clarify, I didn't choose the nominees. We had an international nominating committee who spent months going over the hundreds of eligibles to come up with the final list. Everyone has their opinions of who should be on the list and who shouldn't, but that is why we have the nominating committee, and next year, you are more than welcome to apply to join it! :) We'd love to consider you, as we like to keep the committee as fresh as possible.

In terms of technical categories, I hand out something informal known as the Spectrals (although it may get a name change) that look more specifically at technical areas. These are not fan-voted, but personally chosen by me. :)
Hi SyFyMicheal,

thanks for the clarification about the rules, makes perfect sense

i'll definitely apply next year

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