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May 19 2003

Buffy Creator Speaks. TV Guide chats to Joss about the defunct spinoff, the possibility of a movie and what it was like shooting the final scene.

I thought that UPN had given the spin-off the greenlight?

Do people really not like the Frankenstein episode? (Presumably "Some Assembly Required")

I can't say it's in my top 10 or anything, but it's certainly in the top half of my rankings. Who doesn't like it? It's a good one!
I don't think it's ever gone beyond the "a spin-off might be nice, let's talk about that" phase.

As Whedon says in the TV Guide interview, a number of spin-off ideas were discussed (or at least considered), but people are off doing other things. And, as he's repeatedly made clear, what he really wants for the time being is a break. It's been a busy year.
Ok, this is kind of OT, but my local area does NOT have the Angel/Buffy TV Guide cover, I got the lame-a55 'American Idol' cover! *rant,rant* Also, the Canadian TV Guide has Buffy alone on their cover. Guess I'll be haunting eBay in a few weeks and get ripped off for those two covers. *rant over*

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