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July 25 2007

Blue Sun Travel poster set available for pre-order. The posters wowed fans a few days ago (Joss called them "Extremely cool. Masterfully designed") and they can now be pre-ordered at at 20% off the RRP.

$30 for all 5 is one hell of a deal. I just need to decide if I really want to have more firefly stuff hanging in my apartment. I already have the UK poster and post card set. How much more am I allowed before it gets kind of sad and weird?
Have you started sticking them to your ceiling yet war_machine ? If not you're probably still OK ;).

Reckon I might have to have these and at that price I think it might sneak in under the HM Customs requirements for duty (not sure if they count postage in the total).
Want. Take. Have.

Waitaminnit - I'm not supposed to use Faith as my role model, am I?

But "Want. Order. Have." just doesn't have the same ring to it.


(slinks off, grumbling about morality and its restrictions . . .)
I notice they fixed Londinium. :)
One of these would be beautiful in my office. They'd make a perfect Conversion piece: "Londinium? Is that a new element on the Periodic Table?"
I work with people who are scientists & engineers. Some of them are even sci-fi fans, and I'm actively turning them into Browncoats.
Since most of them have traveled overseas, they'd get a kick out of these posters.
Wowee, these are gorgeous! How did I miss this item before? Damn work, grrr. Well, I needed to jazz up the walls around here anyway, so these are a must-have. Lexigeek, fabulous job!
No Saje, none on the ceiling. I think the apartment complex would get curious as to why I had so many holes in the ceiling.
Saje, I think 17 is the maximum amount before HM customs charge tax on something. I'm not sure how much postage would be, but if it was about $10 then altogether it would be $40 which is just above the limit.

I think it's awful having to pay import tax, it's usually way too expensive compared to what you're actually importing.

But I may be tempted to buy these regardless, they're really beautiful.
Out of stockness makes David sad...

Anyone know if they're going to reappear in stock any time soon?
Wow, I am so there. lexigeek, will you sell us 'nesquers some one-offs of the "Londinum" version?

Anyway, makes me glad I already have a TFAW account.
Wow, I am so there. lexigeek, will you sell us 'nesquers some one-offs of the "Londinum" version?

I think the intent, at this point, is that those become Comic-Con collector's items.
I ordered mine because they are ace and awesome and also because over at Goners I have become "Lady Madame Quotergal the Ovine of Londinium-le-Thames" so how could I not? (I am also creating my own parody travel poster which will no doubt be available for viewing soon at Goners and my home.)

I have no more wall space, and creating some might involve the removal of bookcases, which is out of the question, so maybe I'll make all my currently-hanging artwork double-sided and just flip 'em around every so often...

Speaking of Goners, s'welp me my dearest Gossi if you don't either come to our aid or give us the power to deal somehow with the 'orrible, 'orrible S-P-A-M-M-E-R-S I shall be driven to desperate measures. Desperate, I tells you, involving S-P-A-M-M-E-R blood and stakes and and swearing and stuff.
You're so subtle, QG. ;-D

I think I'll wait to buy until lexigeek offers them on his site. Maybe they won't have a shiny discount then, but it just seems righter.
I opened this thread, clicked the "Joss called them" link, and thought I was just scooted down to his comment in todays thread, not the one a few days ago so I got all sorts of confused when tags went missing and when I came back in and things that were misspelled were suddenly correct! Ay yai yai!! (If that's how you spell it...) Holy linkage, Batman.

The posters are still gorgeous. Just beautiful. I'm not jealous of anyone's obvious talent. Really. I'm not. *grr*
Hello to the new wall decorations in my study!

It will be lovely to meet you.

I'm with you, cabri. I would rather buy them from lexigeek's site as well...have been looking forward to doing so since the "Miranda" proof appeared at the SF Serenity screening! I almost never buy the collectibles, but these are so beautiful, and quite reasonably priced.

But I gather that those of us who aren't able to get to San Diego have to wait a whole month? Say it's not so! Unless some kind soul is willing to pick me up a set and receive payment at the next Parkway Whedon...(;
They are very fine, maybe as a gift since I lack wallspace.

When is the next Parkway Whedon, anyway?
janef, the Speakeasy site says Aug 23 for the next Buffy, Sept. 20 for Firefly.
Irresistible! Both the art and the copy are beautiful and must-haves, Lexigeek; well done! :)

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