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July 25 2007

Joss knows how to embrace his inner-nerd. Joss gets a decent nod in an article about art direction in video games.

The article is not really *about* Joss himself, but rather about his directing style compared with that of most video games.

Fantastic hilarious article. *thumbs up*
Hee. This guy is funny.

"... I like to imagine that when Michael Bay goes to Thanksgiving Dinner, he does not simply ask his judgmental Aunt Maggie to pass the mashed potatoes, but shakes the table violently until bottles of white wine topple and shatter while pyrotechnics explode under the cranberry sauce ... Watching his films is like snacking on habanero chiles with a mouth ulcer, an all-encompassing experience that demands one's complete attention despite occasional moments of extraordinary discomfort."

Heh. Nice.

"Joss has an eye to creating an indelible image so many frozen moments of memory from shows like Firefly and Buffy -- something that defines the characters and story visually, often without a word."

I hadn't thought of that before, actually. If I was asked to describe Joss' style I'd immediately consider dialogue and plot as key strengths, but now that he mentions it many of my favorite moments are those visual ones- Buffy diving off the tower, the doors sliding back to reveal River and a bloodied weapon, Joyce askew on the couch, the Gentlemen, and countless others...

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