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July 26 2007

David Greenwalt exits 'Moonlight'. According to E!, he is no longer attached to the show.

Conflict of interest? I'm sure the "Powers That Be" could put a spin on things which would make David exit.
The David Greenwalt tag search says he was on the job for less than 2 months. This can't be a good sign for the show. Best case, they just lost a very talented guy. Worst case, he left because he didn't think it could be salvaged.

It's a shame, I was almost considering maybe hoping that it would turn out watchable.
I'm sorry to hear this, especially if Jason Dohring's still attached. He deserves to be on a successful show. Of course it might not be true. Kristin's column can certainly be wrong. Although it usually seems to be wrong about good news.
That's horrible news. I acknowledge that there is talent outside the Whedonverse :), but like GreenArmadillo, I can't help but think this is a bad sign for the show. Greenwalt, he of Profit and Angel fame, deserves the very best. May he find a project that's a better fit.
Hmm, if true then this is surely a case of "creative differences". Only a couple of weeks ago he seemed pretty positive and passionate about the show, seems weird that he'd just suddenly decide to knock it on the head.

Course, there are hundreds of reasons, many of them personal, why someone might no longer be able to do a job they were previously very keen on. In other words, I hope it's nothing serious, purely work related and that he finds something else that he can really commit to.
Well, I do remember seeing somewhere Joel Silver talking about how he had stepped in to make the show/concept more cool and more hip. Shortly thereafter, the TV ads started running with fake interviews with the main character. They felt very much like someone TRYING to be cool and hip but coming across idiotic and contrived.

I don't know how is responsible for that sort of crappy tone. I hope it was more Silver than Greenwalt, because it really made the show come across as pretty stupid.
I get the distinct impression that Joel Silver and/or CBS had one idea for the series, Greenwalt had another, and he was overruled. So he picked up his bags and ran as far away from that set as possible. God speed, DG.
I know Whedonesque is sometimes unfairly judged as speculation central, but I'm with cjl here.
Funny, cause Rob Thomas just quit Miss/Guided.
I was actually willing to give the show a chance due to Greenwalt's involvement, if he's really off, I don't think it'll me interest as much.

I get the distinct impression that Joel Silver and/or CBS had one idea for the series, Greenwalt had another, and he was overruled. So he picked up his bags and ran as far away from that set as possible. God speed, DG.

That makes sense. But, Joel Silver? Again? (yeah, on the same tone as Buffy, Xander and Willow said it in "Doomed").

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Whoa, that was abrupt.
That's a real shame. He was sounded like he was really into the show too.
Uh oh. They have some really great talent on board, and now they've been cut adrift. Losing a proven and talented show runner who was already there on a fixer upper gig does not bode well. Damn, I was actually looking forward to checking out the show.

When exec heavy weights start dictating the creative process, it rarely come out right. What's sad and ironic is that they usually do it because they are worried it won't come out right--their interference practically insures a poor outcome. And if it actually comes out all right, they've got their hands on the hook when the first episode airs anyway, basically expecting the worse. Self-fulfilling prophecy.

And it happens again and again. I know there's a lot of money on the line, but what the frak? If it's maddening to little ol' me in the far outskirts peanut gallery, I can only imagine the frustration being in the thick of things. Sheesh.

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"...he seemed pretty positive and passionate about the show..."
"He was sounded like he was really into the show too."

I think that up until the point you actually depart the show, that's kinda your job. Must really suck when you think something's headed the wrong way. I think Greenwalt's leaving is really telling...

Not that impressed with Joel Silver at the mo - for a number of reasons, only one of them having to do with Courtney Solomon.

(gossi, send money, guns and lawyers...)
I fully agree, ThereUR. The problem with these executives is they don't realize they don't have a creative bone in their bodies. They were the jocks we grew up with in high-school and college, the hard-hitting MBA types who "went for the kill" and "made the point" no matter what. They aren't artists. Artists know art. Business people know money, but are generally clueless when it comes to what art sells.
Well, that's not a good sign any way you slice it. I can't help but expect this show to be canceled in it's first season. First, practically all of the cast was changed, and now's all very strange and unsettling.
A Little More Info on Why He Left
A very brief Hollywood Reporter story lists his reason for leaving as being for "personal, health reasons." I hope this is standard Hollywood-speak for "Tell them whatever you want - just get me out of this !@#$% project" rather than an indication that he is actually ill... (Thanks to AICN for the link.)
Oh, this is going to be a hell of a fall season.
There should be a Vegas pool going for ALL the new series, promising outlook or no.
Place your bets, ladies and gents. Everyone gets a square.
I hope he is not seriously ill. If he were just looking to get out of the project, there are so many other things he could have said than blaming his health.

Of course, this does not bode well for the series, but things really didn't look good from the outset.
A very brief Hollywood Reporter story lists his reason for leaving as being for "personal, health reasons."

Hm. Suppose that was a polite way of saying he got sick of it...?
According to Michael Ausiello at the official reason given is 'exhaustion'.
Well, that was fast.

"Exhaustion" is good, because if David is actually exhausted, he will soon feel better. If he's not actually ill, then it definitely translates as "tired of this b.s." There's a better project out there, David, and godspeed finding it.
I guess he had to explain how this show ISN'T 'Angel' just one too many times.
I used to take the occasional "mental health" day when work was making me crazy and I had a relatively open calendar day. I hope it is indeed just "working on this show is not good for my health", and not actual health issues.
Well I guess we will know for sure if Greenwalt is gone tomorrow. I was surfing aicn and found the following panel appearing at comic con on Friday.

"1:30-2:00 Moonlight Screening and Panel — David Greenwalt explains the differences between Greenwalt’s WB vampire-detective series “Angel” and Greenwalt’s CBS vampire-detective series “Moonlight.” Jason Dohring, who segues from Silver’s “Veronica Mars” to Silver’s “Moonlight,” panels, as do co-stars Alex O’Loughlin, Sophia Myles, Shannon Sossamon, Amanda Righetti and Jeffrey Combs. Room 6A"
quantumac, can we not slam MBAs indiscriminately? kthx.

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I just checked the Comic-Con schedule, 'cause I'm going tomorrow, and David Greenwalt's been removed from the panel, so I guess it's true. Damn.

I don't think I've seen so many cancellations and amendments on the schedule before. What's up?
I don't know about anyone else but I am relieved. David Greenwalt is better than this. The ultimate 'vampire with a soul' show has already been done, and I truly believe that comparisons would not have been kind to the new show.

As much as I love Angel (mmm Angel...), you cannot go back (unless it was movies with DB and the original cast).

I also think Jason D is talented and I think he is also better than this - he needs to be on something original.
I also think Jason D is talented and I think he is also better than this - he needs to be on something original.

As a concept I didn't consider Veronica Mars exorbitantly original. It was a high school-/ teen-drama. Admittedly it was better done than any highschool drama in a long time, but original? No.

I don't have a problem JD being on a show without the most original concept. I have a problem with a show where the not-so-original-concept turned out to be one of my favorite shows gets a new outfit, and I don't want Angel to be topped in goodness, but I don't want it to be worse either... that's my problem...
Admittedly it was better done than any highschool drama in a long time, but original? No.

I take the same view. Why is there the assumption that this show is gonna suck because it has vaguely the same premise as Angel? A far better clue to quality is that it has lost two showrunners before it even premiered, and CBS as a network is not known for fostering creativity in its shows. Originality has nothing to do with quality. When Angel first appeared, people made sarcastic comments about its resemblence to Forever Knight, an old show about a vampire detective with a female (human) partner, but the two shows are entirely different, not to mention that AtS was the spin-off of BtVS, which itself was a re-invention of a failed theatrical movie AND often compared to various anime shows. (Ditto Firefly and Cowboy Bepop, etc.) But in execution, BtVS the TV show has not much in common to the movie, and Forever Knight is nothing like Angel, because it's execution that matters.

I'm still gonna check out the show; frankly, it's genre, I loved Jason Dohring's work on VM, and with Greenwalt gone, I'm hoping the show reaches guilty pleasure level.
Marti Noxon left 'Brothers & Sisters' before it aired and there were some cast changes made along the way. That show is, I believe, now going into its second season and doing well in the ratings. Bryan Fuller left 'Dead Like Me' early on, but that show survived for two seasons and was well liked. Surely these comings and goings are commonplace and do not necessarily spell doom and gloom for all concerned?
Damn. I hope he's okay.
I was seriously doubting this show even with David attached and so now I have one less reason to watch it. Moonlight was already well down my list of possible new shows from the upcoming season and this news knocks it down another couple of places for me.
I'm pretty glad about this news. I didn't have high hopes for the show anyway.

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While I was not holding my breath for this show to rule, I do still haev to check it out because -- Jason Dohring, Sophia Myles, and why didn't anyone tell me Jeffrey Combs was in it?
Sophia Myles? This I did not know. Jason Dohring I can take or leave (which is how I always felt about Veronica Mars, to be honest) but Sophia Myles I like.

Okay, Moonlight just went back up one place on the potential new show list. Maybe.
I hope that he doesn't have any health problems (I found that announcement worrying), and I guess now I can just skip the 'Moonlight' panel which I had been planning to go to just so I could see David Greenwalt (after seeing Brian Lynch at the IDW panel and before seeing Neil Gaiman, I just love Comic con!).
Rob Thomas (Creator of Veronica Mars) has just left Missguided. Would't it be ironic if he took over from David Greenwalt.
Assuming that any of the new structure he built (casting Miss Myles, Mr. Dohring, and Shannyn Sossamon) stay after he does...

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