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July 26 2007

Offical "Tim Burton's Sweeney Todd" Poster. It only features the star, Johnny Depp. But we care because it's a musical co-starring Anthony Stewart Head. Plus, a pretty cool image.

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I've heard somewhere that Anthony Stewart Head is no longer involved with the movie. I could be wrong or it all could be lies. I'll go do some research!
According to Tony's Offical site he filmed a role in the movie.


Anthony filmed a role in the movie musical adaptation of 'Sweeney Todd'. The movie is directed by Tim Burton and tells the infamous story of Sweeney Todd, who sets up a barber shop in London which is the basis for a sinister partnership with his fellow tenant, Mrs. Lovett."

Ironically,I just read the news at Moviehole that Johnny Depp looks to get vampy and is doing a big screen movie of Dark Shadows.He will be playing Barnabas according to the site.Variety seems to be confirming his involvment in a Dark Shadows movie as producer and wanting to play the role since he was a child.

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ASH's site also notes, in the TV/Filmography section "Sweeney Todd" (2007) ... we are unable to release character info at the present time."

The Official Sweeney Todd site lists the cast as being: "Johnny Depp, Helena Bonham Carter, Alan Rickman, Timothy Spall, Jamie Campbell Bower, Jayne Wisener and Sacha Baron Cohen" and they cover the major roles...

His character is certainly being kept under wraps. Can't find a damn bit of concrete info.

Some folks - including folks at IMDB, for whatever it's worth - have speculated that he was to play one of the Singing Ghosts (or Ballad Ghosts or Gentleman Ghosts - whatever you want to call it) some or all of which roles have been eliminated - including Christopher Lee's - but they nixed Lee's before it was even shot, and ASH's website said he'd already filmed his mysterious role.

Dunno - but curious to see who or what ASH is playing, and what Burton et al. make of this wonderful musical.

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I was hoping to see Sweeny Todd onstage someday, but suppose I'll have to settle for the film version until then. *exaggerated fake sigh*

Seriously... This is my kind of holiday-season movie!
And to all a good night.
According to IMDB Tony is playing a Ballad Ghost.
I am pretty excited about this film being that Tim Burton is one of two of my favorite directors. Long before it was cool to like Tim too. I was nine when I first saw Beetlejuice. And, that was a very long time ago.
Tony is playing a Ballad Ghost? *sigh* I was sure he'd be playing Judge Turpin, as he would be fantastic in that role.
Still, I can't wait to see this! Sweeney is one of my favorite musicals ('cause I'm sick like that...) and I really like teh Johnny Depp, too.
I'm a huge Sondheim fan, adore Johnny Depp to an embarrassing degree, and like Tim Burton... so if ASH is still in it, it'll be icing on the cake. (I'll still be seeing it even if he isn't, but man, I hope he is.)

Which is not to say I can begin to guess what this will be like! But I'm very curious to find out.
Ooh. And Alan Rickman too. Let's hope that Tony Head's role is as small as is being suggested.
Do you mean isn't, Lioness?
death is my gift said:
[...]Tim Burton is one of two of my favorite directors. Long before it was cool to like Tim too.

When was it ever uncool to like Tim Burton? ?? ???
"When was it ever uncool to like Tim Burton? ?? ???

I meant before teeny boppers starting buying tshirts from Hot Topic without having ever since any of his films.
July 26th, 1987 was not a cool day to like Tim Burton. I totally made that up.
OK....Daaaaaamn!!!! Squeeeeeeee!!!!

I think I remember hearing that Depp was going to be doing the movie version of (one of my favourite Sondheim musicals) Sweeney Todd. But I didn't know the film was going to be a musical.
That poster just gives me the...daaaaaaamn!!!!
But...I'll say it now and get it over with: Depp and Bonham Carter are too young for these parts. (Typical.)
Hey, I'm really excited about this movie, but all I'm gonna say is: As much as I love Tim Burton and Johnny Depp, and as good as this cast looks to be? If these people can't Sing, they'd better be acting their asses off...or it will all be for naught.
My uncle was a cameraman on this - I'll see what Tony related info I can squeeze out of him!
I saw that poster early this morning at the James Gunn Appreciation Society. Fantastically dark and forbidding. And I love the Bride of Frankenstein white streak in his hair.

I wish Tony had a larger, flashier role too. What a singing voice he has. It should be put to larger, flashier use.
Yeah, the Husband and I keep wondering if they'll be able to handle the singing (the leads, I mean). And thinking in terms of, say, Angela Lansbury or Patti LuPone, then thinking of Helena Bonham Carter (whom I love) - well, sheer curiosity, again, is what I keep coming back to.

As for ages, well bless your heart, AmazonGirl, for saying Johnny (a year younger than me) is too young for the part!!!
That's just awesome! I'm so excited for this film. I saw a live version of Sweeney Todd once... we did it for our high school musical. Seriously. I'm not kidding.

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